Hot & Steamy.........  

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Hot & Steamy.........

Hi there,

I was in the sauna of my public baths the other day,& i have to say,it was hotter than hell,& i'm NOT talking about the steam!!

There i was swimming in the pool,taking it easy doing a few lengths.(i love a good breast stroke early in the !)I had just finished about my tenth length when i decided to take a break.I stopped in the shallow end,& with my back to the wall,kicked my legs in the water for a bit.

After a short while,i looked up to see this very sexy lady walk down the poolside on the opposite side from where i was.She had long dark-brown hair
below shoulder length,& she was wearing a long white robe & flipflops as footwear.She was a very attractive lady indeed,& i could'nt wait to see what kind of swimwear she was wearing under that robe."oh,very nice!"..i thought to myself as i waited in anticipation for her to disrobe.

People,i was'nt disappointed! She turned around facing away from me & proceeded to take the robe away from her shoulders.As it dropped towards her basket,i could see that she had very tanned & silky skin,her curves were amazing!From the back,I could see that she was wearing a black swimsuit,cut very thinnly at the back,with high hips,it seemed to accentuate the curves of her broad shoulders & back, & it did little to hide the bulbous orbs of what was her delicious ass!I could'nt wait until she turned around so i could feast my eyes on the front of her statuesque form.

Again,i was'nt disappointed,this goddess of a woman had THE fittest body that i had seen for such a long time...(with the exceptions of some of the beautiful ladies here on AdultFriendFinder)..GOD she was so fit!Her halterneck outfit did little in front to cover her voluptous breasts as it culminated in a V down her front.A deep chasm between her breasts dared to show a magnificent cleavage,& the bottom of her outfit only just barely covered her tender spots,& left little to the imagination.

Thoughts went through my mind as i watched her make her way to the ladder to enter the pool,& they wer'nt..was she a good swimmer!

I gasped secretly to myself as she turned around & placed her foot on the first step,she had to lean forward a bit in order to place her foot correctly,& at that point,one side of her swimsuit disappeared into her ass crack.I gulped as she pulled it out again before decending into the water.My cock hardened so stiff in that instant,i thanked god that i was in the water,to hide my growing hard-on.God what a sight!..But more was to come!

After a while,once she had settled herself,she began to swim a few lengths herself.She was quite agile & her strokes were close to perfection.I had'nt seen this lady before,& i wondered who she was,where she was from etc,was she attached etc,you know the ususal.I have to say that some naughty thoughts had crept in there also,well,i AM only human afterall!

I wondered if she had a shaved pussy,if here nipples were big or small,& what it would be like to kiss that wonderful mouth,& play with her ass for a! All those kind of things.

I decided,that when she had finished her laps of the pool,i would place myself in close proximity to where she was in the hope of getting some chat going.This i did with some degree of success shortly afterwards,& to my delight,she was receptive to my smile.

"Hi there,how are you?"...i said as she stood up to wipe the excess water from her face.I noticed that her nipples were erect through her costume,that must have been from the chill of the least one of my thoughts answered...Oh yes!...they were BIG & jutting out like ciggy butts...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm..yummy!

"your very good at swimming,i was watching your stroke!"...i said with a wry smile!.. GOD...Did I really say that!

Realising how that may have sounded,i continued saying..."I'm a qualified swimming instructor...I notice theses things!"(Good recovery Dave!)..
"it's true,i used to teach school children & adults at the weekends"...."I like to appreciate a good technique when i see one,i hope you don't mind me saying?"..."Not at all".. she said in reply in what sounded like a Spanish accent!(YES!!!...this just keeps getting better,& better! i thought to myself).

"OH,i like your accent,where are you from?"..I asked with a big smile on my face."I'm From Mijas on the Costa Del Sol,Spain.I'm living here now for the last two months as a student of English!"

My heart began to flutter as i listened intentively to her voice for the next few minutes.That was'nt all that was stirring either.I could feel myself get excited again as i envisaged thoughts in my mind of this sexy lady.I watched her lips make the words,as i yearned to kiss them secretly.

I told her that i spoke a little Spanish & that i had been to Spain,& Mijas on a number of occasions before.The conversation flowed until she said out of the blue...."Do you use the sauna here,I believe that it's quite good?".."Yes i do,i love it!It helps clean out the pores,& helps me loose some weight too!",i said with a little laugh."Would you like to try it,i can show you where it is for future reference?".."yes i would like to try it,lets go!"she replied.

With that,we made our way to the ladder.Being the gentleman that i am.. ..I let the lady go first up the ladder.Being up closer to her this time,i could'nt help taking in the sight that was before me.That wonderful ass at face height...mmmmmmmmmmm...I just wanted to bite it as she climbed up the steps.Her swimsuit once again had buried itself deep in the cleft of her ass-cheeks,only again to be pulled out as she walked away from me towards the sauna.I took a deep breath,Gave a deep sigh,& adjusted my swimming trunks so as to conceal my hard cock underneath.

On walking behind her,my eyes were drawn to her voluptous figure,she truly was statuesque!Her long dark hair cascading down her beautifully tanned back,sticking to her silky skin as it glistened with the shine of the water.Her gentle curves of her hips,Round & perfectly formed ass,& the long curvy slender legs silhouetted in the dim lights of the attrium,right down to her perfectly manicured feet & toes.This truly was a sight to behold!!

On reaching the Suana,i opened the door & she entered with a smile & the words.."Muchos Gracious!"..(Thank you very much!)"De Nada!"(It's nothing/Your welcome!)..I replied with an equally broad smile,as we entered & closed the door behind us.She proceeded to sit on the top shelf of the sauna saying.."I like the heat,so i'll sit here!"..I opted to sit on the bottom shelf,& across form her.I earlier found out that her name was Maria,& although in here mid twenties,she had wanted to finish her English studies here,as she liked Ireland so much,& she also told me that she liked Irish men so much also.(Things were certainly looking up!)

I put some water on the stones & a gust of steam engulfed the room.I made it hard to see for a couple of minutes,& indeed,a little hard to breathe,but it soon settled down again.When the steam had dissipated,I could see that Maria had laid out flat on the shelf,her front leg down & her rear leg bent up slightly.She ran her hands through her hair as she lad there,eyes closed,oblivious to my onlooking,lustfull eyes,taking in all that was her!In the light i could see the outline of her curves,Her chest rising slightly & falling as she breathed in slowly.I could see the little droplets of sweat flow from her skin,I imagined how sweet it would taste on my tongue as i envisaged licking her all over,& tasting her swetness within.I imagined how it would feel if our bodies were to merge right there & then,writhing around,gliding over one another,pulsating,sweating in the tremendous heat that almost consumed us.

My cock was growing,& throbbing now.I felt that i had to control myself,i did'nt want her to see my discomfort,so i made my excuses & left the sauna saying.."Whoa!..It's too hot in here for me at the moment,i think i need a cold shower to cool off,& continue my swim.Do you mind if i go?".."No problem,i'll see you in the pool later!"Maria replyed,"I just want to stay a while longer!"

With that,i left the sauna,had a cold shower,& returned to the pool.A little later,Maria came to the poolside,& said that she was going to leave,but she would be back soon again,every tuesday & thursday.Waving goodbye she said.."Adios,Hasta luago!"(Goodbye,see you later)& gave me a big sexy smile.

I look forward to our next encounter!!

To be continued...!


"Always remember...keep smiling!"



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