Being there.....ALWAYS! regrets...NEVER!!  

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5/26/2005 2:26 pm

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Being there.....ALWAYS! regrets...NEVER!!

Hi there,

Today a good friend of mine told me that she is moving away to Dover,England.It makes me sad to know this as we had become close friends over the years.

All through the years,we have been there for one another.We never got romantically invloved,nor sexually for that matter,but there was always a hint of attraction hidden deep,that would surface in our conversations some times.

We both are outrages flirts,& there often was a sexual tension in the air,but we never succumed to it for fear that it would alter our friendship in some way.Deep down,to be honest,I did want somthing to happen between us,but then in my mind i was scared that if we acted on our impulses,& later,something went wrong,it would spoil what we had as friends.

Does this make sense to you?

To me,her friendship means more to me than mere sex.She has become an interagl part of my life,& i will be so sad to see her go.

Why is she moving,i hear you ask?Well,without breaking any trust between us,she says that she does'nt feel happy here anymore.I was a friend to her during some quite turbulent times in her life,her marriage break-up,her moving house,a bad relationship,& most recently,her battle with breast cancer.I can tell you that she went through the mill over the last couple of years,& i have to admire her for her strength & resolve for getting through them.

Being on the perifery of her life looking in,it has been hard looking at her suffering.I sometimes
felt helpless not knowing what to say or do.Mostly,i was there to give her a cuddle or a hug,& tried to cheer her up with a few jokes etc.
Although they worked sometimes,underneath i knew that she was hurting.

In reflection,maybe her moving away will be like a newborn lease of life for her.It will be great for her to finally find some peace & tranquillity in her life,& some new friends to help her along the way.

It gives me a heavy heart to know that i won't be able to "Drop in for a cuppa" when i'm passing by her old house.But i know that she will be back now & again,to her family,& hopfully to see me & the others that love her so.

As she goes,I can't help reflecting on our past,remembering the good things we did together,the smiles,the laughs,& the cries!But i also look forward to the day when she comes back,
smiles that cheeky smile,& laughs once more!

Because now i know..SHE WILL BE HAPPY ONCE AGAIN!!

I know that this is a strange blog entry to put here,but it's my way of coming to terms with loosing a close friend so dear to me,but i know it's NOT the end!

Thanks for reading,have a great day!


"Always remember...keep smiling!"



Chele46H 49F

10/24/2005 9:41 am

You are right in the respect that friendship is worth more than a possibly short fling. You would have known if it was right for you both to progress onto a different level of relationship and since you didn't, you were right not to act.

Keep you friend, she seems to be worth a lot to you.

Chele xx

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