Another Taxi fantasy.......  

daighi 49M
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11/6/2005 4:13 am

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Another Taxi fantasy.......

Hi there,thanks for dropping in.

As i was reading [blog Silkysmoothlegs] blog,i was prompted to write this,as something similar happened to me last week.

It was very early in the morning,& the rain was pouring down outside.I recieved a job into the car to bring a doctor to work on the far side of town.

As usual,i texted her to say that i was outside her appartment,to which she replied that she would be down in 5 mins.

Later i saw through my rear window this voluptous lady walking towards the car struggling to hold an umbrella.I got out & held open the door for her,only to be greeted with a big smile,& a soft spoken thank you.I remember,taking in a waft of her perfume as she passed me while getting into the car.

As she sat into the car i noticed that she had below-knee high boots,with netted tights,& a short skirt,all black,& she wore a full length leather jacket to match.I remember saying to myself.."mmmm,now there's a sexy lady!"

As we set off,she mentioned that she would need to go into a shop on the way.I said thats fine,so we started our journey.As we went i could see her in the rearview mirror.She was gorgeous!She was a lady in her late 20's or early 30's,she was dark,& had the most amazing smile from a most beautifully formed mouth.The "slightly wet look "of her hair made her look so sexy,& the smell of her freshly adorned perfume,once again overwhelmed me.

I was attracted to her,& found myself flirting with her innocently,having polite conversation,about different things.This lady was just so captivating,i could'nt help thinking "Wow" when i looked at her.

We pulled up to the 24 hour shop,& I watched as she got out,& went inside.She asked me on the way,if i'd like something from the shop,to which i replied "No,but thanks for asking"! In my mind i was really saying..."your lips around my cock would be nice"!

I watched her as she went to the counter with her items.I noticed that her leather coat was open,so i could see more of what she looked like from afar,in the shop lights....

She was big breasted,with a full figure.She was wearing a leather mini skirt that Showed off her full hips greatly & came to just half way down her thighs.Her Boots were high-heeled black leather that moulded themselves along her shapely legs.They had belt buckles along the side,so i thought to myself that she must be slighlty kinky while having sex.Maybe into a bit of bondage & other things like that.She definately looked VERY sexy in what she had on as it all came together nicely.As she walked back to the car,i could see her breasts bobbing slightly under her black blouse which was opened to the third button,giving me a hint of cleavage,as i looked.

As we carried on our journey,the converstaiion turned to her job.I have always had a keen interest in Science,& i wanted to show her that i was interested in what she did.She was impressed by my knowlege,giving me a smile as we spoke.

As we drove,i could'nt help looking at her mouth & watch it as she formed her words.Her dark eyes sparkled from the lighting on the streets as we passed them,& her damp wavey hair cascaded over her shoulders & down over her full breasts.She had a slight accent,which just sounded so sexy.I was trying to imagine what it would be like to fuck this woman.

Shortly afterwards,we arrived at her destination,& as she payed me,she thanked me for an enjoyable ride,giving me another big smile as she got out of the car.I remember thinking to myself as a watched her walk into the reception area.."My God..She is SO sexy!" & wished that i had the courage to ask her out.I could picture in my mind all the scenario's that we could have together,& the great sex that we would have everyday.

A woman like that is often hard to find,& i think that she is way out of my league.But,i can't help thinking about her,& i still get aroused with the thoughts of pure un-adulterated sex that i would have with this sexy lady.

You see,on the inside i'm thinking all kinds of stuff,& imagining all kinds of fantasies & scenario's.But,on the outside,i retain an air of professionalism within my job.I also feel that it's not right to impede on the privacy of my passengers,& that i also could be putting myself in jeopardy,if i happened to act on my instincts.

Who know's what might happen,if i was to take advantage of a situation like that?I am always cautious about taking it too far,as i don't wish to ruin my livelihood over some quick fling.But i do wish that i could have found the courage to say something to this lady,& let her know that i appreciated the way she looked,& that i was attracted to her.

Have you ever felt this way about someone,but did'nt act on it,then regretted it?

Do you think that i'm right,that it's not worth loosing my job over,or putting myself in danger of loosing my livelihood?

Or do you think that i should have said something to her,to just see what happens?I still have her mobile phone number,is it too late now?

What do you think?It'd be nice to know your thoughts on this?


"Always remember...keep smiling!"



rm_prapaddy 43M
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11/6/2005 6:03 am

Yes buddy. its not worth loosing a job and a whole life guilt for a daring act. have patience and it mmight be possible that she would come back to you on her own.

silkysmoothlegs3 105F

11/8/2005 6:54 am

I think if she fancied you she would have dropped a hint,

although in saying that i would never let on if i fancied someone id be to scared of rejection.

The way she was dressed sounds sexy, I never ever dress like that i dont even own a pair of boots let alone a leather skirt..

BUt getting back to your passenger she might be back if she fancied you she will seek you out i promise,,

Nice blogg and very well wrote babes

\love silky xxxx

daighi 49M
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11/15/2005 5:37 am

    Quoting waggypolly:
    I don't find anything much surprising about this. Are not cabbies the same the world over, and doesn't it always rain in Ireland?

    (Thanks for coming by my blog.)
Thanks for your posting.I'm curious about what you wrote though.Can you explain what you mean by "Are not cabbies the same the world over"?

What exactly are you asking here?Do you mean,are'nt taxi drivers sexy,& have very good & active imaginations? Or,do you mean that taxi drivers are just perverts who think lecherous thoughts about all their women passengers?

Or,do you think that we are professional people,doing our long hours of work,& sometimes find that we admire the beauty in a lady,but because of our professionalism,would'nt dare to mention it?

You can see my dilema in understanding what it is your trying to suggest?Perhaps you would elaborate on it more to clarify what you meant?

As for Ireland & it's weather,well,yes it does rain here alot.Unfortunately far more than there is sunny weather.The weather is mostly moderate,we do'nt tend to get extreme weather,good or bad thank god!

Ireland is such a beautiful place to come visit,with so much to see & do.One of it's most charming resources are it's population.We tend to be friendly,warm & fun-loving,& very sociable people.Hopefully someday you might just find that out in person?

If only we had more Sunny weather...then Ireland would be the perfect place to be.We don't need the sun to enjoy life,& we do sell umbrellas & rainwear here too!

Your welcome about me visiting your blog,i really enjoyed reading it,& shall continue to visit it,if thats ok?

Once again,thanks for visiting,& taking an interest.


"Always remember...keep smiling!"



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