"Love is in the air"........  

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2/14/2006 1:05 am

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"Love is in the air"........

Hi there,thanks for dropping in.

Well it's finally here Valentines day!

How are you planning to spend yours?Is there that special someone in your life that you want to be with today?I hope there is.....

No matter how much we say it...every year,we get caught up in the euphoria of this day,February 14th.

Traditionally,it is the day that most species of birds choose their respective partners for mating,so i guess we have them to thank for it.

I heard that St Valentine was a priest who was very "Passionate" about his religious beliefs,& was subsequently beheaded because of them.He was later canninised as a saint.

His bones are here in held in Aungier Street Church,Dublin,Ireland.
Although,I don't think that he was Irish.They were brought here by The Carmelite Nuns,& are held here for posterity.

So,what is it about St Valentine's Day that you either like or dislike?

I have to say that being a hopeless romantic,i love St Valentin's day.I've sent out loads of txts & emails to alot of my friends,(You know who you are).

There ARE others that i would have liked to send some to,however,i don't have their email addies,or mobile numbers.Thats why i have especially posted a Valentines day greeting to all of you.

Are you,like me,the one that goes all out on the day?I love to spoil my lover,shower her with Roses,Chocolates,DVD's,CD's,etc,& not forgetting THE most important thing.....The CARD!

I simply HAVE to get a nice card!The verse means ALL the difference to me.I don't care about the price.....it HAS to be good!

Do you write all over your cards that you send?I used to do that years ago,until i lost my little notebook of poems.I forget most of them now,but there were some real gems in there.Nowadays,i just let the verse say what i want to say,that is why it's SO important.

Most of us say that we don't care about sending or recieving cards,etc.But god help you if you don't!!! Life would'nt be worth living if your dumb enough to forget,OR crazy enough NOT to care about it.

Guys,if your in a relationship,or your seeing someone(kinda-sorta)don't forget to send a card....AT LEAST!!!This is THE day that you dare NOT forget!

Although,having said that,why should you just confine it to just THIS day????Romance is supposed to be ongoing,not for just one day.

I suppose,it's the little things that you do all through the year that mean the most,but it IS nice to make that special effort on this day,February 14th.

What do YOU think???

Am i just a hopeless romantic????....& if i am...it's much better than being just plain hopeless!!..lol

Have a great day all of you,whatever you do.Enjoy it to it's fullest,& savour the bit of romance that is about to enter your life!

Slow & Sensual HUGS & KISSES to you all,


"Always remember...keep smiling!"



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