A room for a princess  

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8/10/2006 11:26 am
A room for a princess

Naked, with my hands still tied, daddy leads me down the hall back to my new room.
"Are you ready to see what daddy has done for you, princess?" he asks, fondling my newly shaved crotch.
I can't help but be aroused, this is so exciting...
Daddy opens the door and gives me a gentle push inside. He reaches back to lock the door, then puts the key in his pocket.
Oh wow, I don't know whether to be scared or horny, he has obviously been planning this for some time.
The first thing to catch my eye is a twinsize canopy bed, with a pink and white bed set. Looking closer I notice a white rope tied to each post, with the ends laying on the bed. Daddy catches me looking and smiles..."I've gone to a lot of work for my baby girl", he says, "I've got a lot to teach you".
There is a small couch in the corner, facing a T.V., and a row of videotapes, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty.
Daddy starts rubbing my pussy, harder and harder, my hands still tied, all I can do is lean against him, until I explode, with a shudder, against his probing fingers.
Daddy chuckles "That was easy, I knew you'd be excited with your new room. Let's get you dressed now".
He goes to the closet and opens the door. I see a row of dresses, and nighties. Daddy picks one, a sleeveless sundress with pink and yellow flowers, and little ties at the shoulders. He unties my hands...and slaps my naked butt, hard.
"That's just to remind you who's in contol, baby", he whispers, then slips the dress over my head. It's so short, I can feel the hem brushing the tops of my thighs.
"You look so fresh and pretty", daddy tells me, "no panties today, daddy wants to be able to touch your softness".
He guides me to my bed, and lays me down, tying one arm to the nearest post.
"I'm going downstairs to make you some breakfast, lie here like a good girl and think about all the games you and daddy can play today", he says. With that he pushes me onto my side, smacks my bottom, harder this time, unlocks the door, and leaves, locking the door again...

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