Day dunno?? Been busy!  

d4z_1981 35M
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4/11/2006 10:06 am
Day dunno?? Been busy!

Had the craziest last week! Opened my brand new store on Thursday (6th) and worked over 75 hours last week, and still managed to go out, get waisted and sleep very very little.

Had a brilliant weekend of stupid quantaties of alcohol! Went out Sat nite with the lads then Sunday night with my mate J and then Monday night me and ent drank a litre bottle of vodka.. was sooooooo good!

We were having a bit of an old skool session. sweet!

Well, on the girl front very little has happened which sucks. Not really seen Hazel because ive been working the craziest hours. Managed to see niki on Sunday monday nite but nothing really happened. I know she's playing me, but I just love the chase. After all, ive got fuck all else to do (apart from work, drink, party, socialise) and it gives me something to think about.

On a positive note my new store is awsome! Staff are crap but it looks mint, should hopefully get a nice £7k payrise in the next month. Just started my mortgage application as well so that should be done in two months. Works out that after all my bills etc I should have £1000 a month disposable income! How sweet is that!!

Getting an extra £12k ontop of my mortgage as well, gonna pay off all my debts, buy a gorgeous alfa and kit the flat out so its looks mint.


So things are definately on the up and im happy as hell...

very tired, but happy!!

Woooooooo hooooooooo

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