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10/22/2005 2:14 am

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About me

In many ways I have lived a life that many men have dreamed of and I am still living a life many wish they could.

I have my own website and I am doing very well. So I sit at home with a laptop and cell phone and sell lights. I have so much time on my hands I just do not know what to do with it at times.

Moving from Atlanta back to New York was definitely a change. From the wild life with wild people to the small town of New York.

My friends think I am absolutely crazy for posting my photo's on AdultFriendFinder since we live in such a small town. Since I have lived a bit on the edge though I do not care so much.

I am brave, I am not afraid to show my sexuality and I am not camera shy by no means. So many people in this world hide their sexual side in their bedrooms instead of showing it.

The human body is a beautiful thing and everyone has good and bad qualities. Some people absolutely love my photos and some dislike. Sexuality has a lot to do with taste.

I sit an find myself in such a small town at times very bored with life. Other times I know that I am very grounded and down to earth here though.

This is home to me and has always been. There is nothing like coming back home after 15 years of traveling the world and doing things many dream of.

Someday I would love to settle down but finding my other half is proving to be very hard as time passes. Many people can not handle my wilder side of life even though I am very respectful of my partners.

Jealousy is always my worse enemy as many people think they are not good enough for me. When I am with someone I am there to spend quality time with them.

Somehow people tend to think they have to compete with my past which is not true at all. I live for the present and future. Things and people in my past are just that. In my past.....

So as time passes in a small town where there are not many people open to living life to the fullest (Kind of hard to do while hiding in the bedroom) I find myself unsettled at times.

So goes life though, did you really think that being on top of the world all the time and living a dream life does not have its downs????

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