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7/8/2005 4:06 pm

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Oh yeah

This is just my opinion on the matter, but why is that some guys only post pictures of their "packages" and nothing else? Don't get me wrong, I look at the pictures, but I do like to "see" the guy's face to know who I'm talking to. I'm one of those girls that can look at a guy's package and still might not talk to you. I like looking at a guy's face, because I can try to guess at their personality and if I'm attracted to the guy in the first place. I can look at a guys body and be like "Damn, he has a nice body and nice everything else" but when I see his face, be turned off. I'll just be wondering why the body looks so good, but the face doesn't match. That might be wrong, but that's just me. I like a "complete package", not just part of it. I suppose I'm trying to say, I like a guy's personality, sense of humor, and intellect, along with everything else.

Since I'm on this topic, I might as well bring up something else. I'm one of those women that DO NOT take pictures of their body. If you want to know what my body looks like, you'll have to talk to me and get to know me and if I'm still interested, meet me. If we get along, then we'll see if you even make it to the bedroom to see what I have. I don't like advertising my body. I think there are several things I need to work on, before I "show it off". Even then, I'm too shy to want to post my pics on a website for everyone to see. And before you get the thought in your head, I used to take pics and stuff while I was in college. I just figured what the hell and wanted to see guy's reactions. I recieved rather decent reactions, but it's not something I thrived on. Now, with me having a daughter, I really don't want to show off my body. Just a little to shy about that.

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