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czyswt1 38F
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7/9/2005 3:13 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Let's see

I have came across some guys that have a problem with my profile. I didn't realize being honest meant that people were going to catch an attitude about it, but would they rather me lie or something?

I have on my profile that I primarily date guys outside of my race. I also so no offense to "black guys", but people outside of my race is just who I'm more attracted to.

Now, I was raised going to predominantly "white" schools. I even graduated from one. So, I am used to being around them all the time. Don't get me wrong, outside of school, I hung around my family and went to church and had no problem.

I was attracted to several "black guys" when I was growing up and even dated a couple. When I got to college, I managed to hit the group of idiots that don't seem to believe that when someone who is 18 and still a virgin and tells you that, they still say they are lying.

Excuse me for actually thinking I wasn't really ready for sex while I was in high school and worried about other things besides it. Yeah, I liked boys and kissing, but one of the last things on my mind was actually having sex with them. Hell, I had high school and college to worry about. That was enough all by itself. But, eventually, I did end up having sex at 19 and it helped to open my eyes a little, but I also wished, in the back of my mind, I would have waited a little longer. But, I can't take that back.

I do know that as I have gotten older, I tend to look at other races faster than my own. I didn't think it was a crime to do that. I look at "black guys" from time to time and do find some of them attractive. So, I'm not saying that I would never consider it, it's just a matter of what catches my eye first.

Personally, if someone has a problem with that, I could care less. I just get tired of explaining myself when I tell someone something. Even when I do explain, I still get the attitude that I'm "trying to be white" and that I need to realize where I came from. Hell, if you look at my family tree, I have black, white, American Indian, mixed, and other races in my family. So, I seriously don't see what the big deal is.

Last time I checked, the Bible did say "Judge not and ye too will not be judged." If I want to live my life a certain way, let me live it. I don't judge those that are gay, bi-sexual or those that date outside their race. It's their choice and is what makes them happy. That's all that should matter anyway.

UT_college_guy2 30M
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7/9/2005 10:43 pm

lol sorry about the whole being judged thing... way to many people do it, some need to just try and be more open minded, i dobut it will happen but who knows

HeffIAm 33M
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7/10/2005 9:08 pm

You're right, it shouldn't be a big deal. You just have to be honest with yourself and what you feel. Don't let what others say bother because their views are different from yours.

Highwayrunner2 46M
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7/14/2005 1:34 am

As far as being a black man myself growing up all over the world as my Dad was a officer in the US Army.

I personally don't have a problem if a black person only likes anther race.

I have 4 brothers and all except 1 are married to white women and my nieces are the most beautiful little girls I have ever seen they could easily say Jennifer Lopez is their mother and no one would argue the fact.

At the same time as long as you are not ashamed of being black & proud of who you are and don't think you are above black people and being with a white man will make you feel above the rest or they are a status symbol then who cares.

Its your life live it and enjoy it.

I get offended when black women say black men just want them for sex & are no good & don't work.

I 100% hate this I went to University I am well travelled and have a homes in 2 countries and speak 4 languages and have a good job as does all of my brothers.

As long as you don't stereotype as there is good & bad in all races then enjoy your life.

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