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8/25/2005 2:52 pm

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It was quite nice to go back to work today. I've been off work taking care of my daughter, since Monday. She had a throat infection and couldn't go to daycare until today. I think it had more to do with getting out of the house, more than anything else. I didn't do anything at work, but talk to the soldiers, but you get the point.

I'd still like a shoulder/back massage. I keep worrying about too much stuff and it happens to end up all in that area. So, probably by now, they are like bricks, more than anything else. I need to learn to stop worrying about stuff and just let things go, but sometimes, it just isn't that easy. I just know I'm frustrated with myself about things, otherwise I wouldn't worry about things. One of these days, I'll get it figured out, I hope.

I think I need to find me a hobby to do, to get my mind off of things and help me relax a little better. I think I'l work towards doing that towards the beginning of the year. Mind you, I want to find an activity that involves my daughter, also, that way we both can be occupied and having fun. Too bad I have to wait until she's 4 for some activities, but I'll figure something out. She'll be 4 in May, anyway.

I'd still like to meet someone just to hang out with. I think I frustrate some guys because I tend to be picky about the time I usually like to meet them. I find it a little hard during the week because I like having my daughter in bed by 9 and most guys want to come after that. I know that some guys would probably just come hang out, but why not come before that? *shrug* I know it's can be strange to date someone that has a kid, but it can be worked out, if they have a little patience.

I'd also like to clarify, if this has crossed some guy's minds, that I am not looking for someone to take care of me and my daughter. I have a job and a place to stay, so I'm not looking for a sugar daddy. *snicker* It would be nice, but it's not necessary at all. I just want someone to hang out with and do activities with, rather than just sitting on my butt all weekend long, not doing anything. *shrug* Maybe someone will come around, soon enough.

I'm just getting tired of being bored, so I'm tempted to start doing stuff to make the time go by. I just know that it's my fault for sitting on my butt not doing anything, I just hate doing it by myself, well, adult-wise, that is.

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