A little more of Me  

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9/7/2006 7:09 pm
A little more of Me

Well The politics are heating up again. As you can see by a few other post comments that I have placed how I stand or should I say lean.
Before you cast judgement on me one way or the other let me Let you in a little deeper
(no pun intended). Yes I tend to be what is referred to as a "Conservative". But not so much a Republican. I feel that people deserve to keep what they earn and give away what they want. I for one give a lot to the childrens homes and Veterans.
I do not buy into that hole notion that our schools are broke and need more money,look what we got when we gave the politions more money. All we got for our money was a bunch of theives that are more into them than us. I would love to see term limits, One time in office and go get a job. Class envy is for a reason, we all work harder to move up and be the envy to the next guy or gal. Ok this is going to send you over the edge, I do not beleive in global warming.
Here is why. We have only been keeping weather records for the past 110yrs, 90yrs if you only count the Offical weather standards. Now some say the planet is 20bill years old, 110yrs is a mighty short time to judge the history of a planet weather trend, If you count all the scientists in the world that is how many views you will find on the topic of our world,so if you can Im open to new data, untell that sorry no global warming, besides come and live here in January you would love a little warming.
So how do I vote in the next election, Well I do not want another Bush and Hillary lost me the day she showed up at the grand jury wearing a big gold trimmed fur coat and diamonds. What happend to Mr Smth , thats who I would vote for.
I will add more as I need to. Have a great day

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