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2/1/2006 1:07 pm

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My Rules

My Rules.

I know the below is going to get me flamed, bring it on.

You hear about women’s rules for dating Strange but a lot of ladies seem to buy into them, to each their own.

Here is my rules for relationships. Yes, they are negotiable, but not to be ignored. These rules or perhaps the right word is guidelines, I have developed over the years and are for your protection and mine so misunderstandings are minimized.

1. Yes, I am leaving town, I work all over the world, on contract. I cant guarantee how long, I will be here. Not nice but the truth, but I have no problem flying back to visit.

2. Yes, I am seeing other women, don’t presume at the beginning when we meet I have been sitting at home doing nothing. Or when you are out with the girls or someone else, I am sitting at home.

3. Yes, I look at other women when you are with me, but I am with you by choice so don’t get upset. And, yes if you ask me if a girl is attractive, I will tell the truth, don’t get upset.

4. I have lived a life before, we met, I wasn’t a virgin when we met and I don’t expect you were. But if you don’t want to know about my past girlfriends/wives etc. don’t ask because I wont lie about it.

5. I will only ask you out once to go somewhere on a date etc. Don’t be surprised when you say no, because you are “playing hard to get” that I hung up the phone, asked someone else out, you had first right of refusal.

6. We are not exclusive until we sit down and both agree on it, don’t presume things, just ask.

7. I am a guy, and as a guy I fix things. I will try and listen and have some empathy but if you ask my advice don’t be surprised when I get upset when you don’t take it and the same thing happens again. But at the same time, I didn’t ride in on a white horse to fix all your problems.

8. As a guy, I have simple needs and opinions, life is black and white, I care about you, not your friends, sisters, cousins boyfriend she is having trouble with, that is what your girlfriends are for, so don’t be surprised when I tune out. I wont bore you with talk about work and sports so please do the same, if I do, I wont get upset when you tell me, you aren’t interested.

9. I don’t read minds, if I say or do something wrong tell me, and I will do the same. Don’t say I should already know, if I did I wouldn’t be asking why you are upset with me. As a extension of above if your in a bad mood and want to take it out on me, don’t be surprised if I go home or ask you to go home. Its not that I stopped liking you, I just don’t see any reason to put up with bad behavior from kids, so I wont from you. Same rule goes both ways.

10. I don’t mind if you don’t like my friends, just tell me and I will hang around with them without you. Please do the same, not liking your friends doesn’t mean I don’t like you.

11. No I don’t want to spend all day shopping with you, don’t take it personally, but I will meet you after and buy you lunch/dinner etc and I wont ask you to go car/electronics etc shopping. (unless it is for lingerie then this doesnt apply, come on I am a guy).

12. I wont apologize for being a guy and having a guy’s attitudes, I don’t expect you to apologize for being a women. Get used to it, or trade me in.

13. I have a life outside of you so don’t be surprised when I am not always available.

14. Don’t expect me pay all the time and expect nothing in return, it wont hurt you to pick up a cheque sometimes. If you can’t afford it, make us dinner etc, or something, talking about it puts everything in the open. It has nothing to do with the money directly, but we both know what women who take money from guys are called, a wife or ???.

15. Yes, I like sex, and fooling around and have no problems with doing just about anything you want. If I want to do,something you don’t want to do just tell me. Don’t act like me just asking is disgusting.

16. I wont use sex to try and control you, so don’t do the same, this is a warning if you “have a headache” to often, there is other women. Don’t be surprised when I want sex lots, it is normal. So don’t be surprised, that I don’t buy into blackmail.

17. Last thing, I like myself and have for a long time, I am not about to change overnight for you. It has nothing to do with liking you or not, see above.

I am open for comments.

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