Suspicious minds, cheating ways  

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3/7/2006 5:24 pm

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Suspicious minds, cheating ways

Last Friday night Jake came home late and grumpy from the office. He ignored several attempts at for-play and came to bed late, rolled over and went straight to sleep. Later in the night I woke up with his hard-on pressing against my ass. I gently rolled over and started jerking him off in his sleep. I lay there slow stroking his cock, and fingering my pussy at the same time for a while, then I moved down slow and careful, and took his cock in my mouth. As I started sucking Jake it occurred to me that his cock smelled like sex, more to the point he smelled like pussy. Instead of getting mad I found it turned me on even more to think that maybe Jake was still fucking someone else, so I proceeded to give Jake a nice slow wet sloppy blow job, finger fucking myself all the while. This went on for a while with Jake moaning in his sleep until he started to thrust in my mouth and still asleep said out loud “Janice”.

I only know one Janice. She works in Jake’s office, and is pretty damned hot looking. I kept sucking Jake until he woke up, at which point he grabbed me roughly and turned me over until I was ass up in the air. Jake rammed his cock in my sopping pussy and fucked me like a wild man until I came, then he turned me over and fucked my mouth until he came.

Jake went to the bathroom when he came back I asked him, “so who’s Janice?” without missing a beat he told me he was having a dream about fucking Janice from his office until he woke up and realized it was me blowing him. I asked Jake if he’d ever been with Janice while we were apart, he started getting angry and insisted he hasn’t been with anyone else since we got married.

I asked Jake if he ever thought about having two women at the same time and he said no.

Monday Max asked me how things are going between Jake and I, I told him I’m not really sure and he asked if I’d like to have lunch. Max met me at his car and I told him I didn’t really want to eat, but could we go somewhere to get away from the office for a while. This was a really big step for me, normally I’m too shy to make such a suggestion, but after our one date I find it a little easier to talk to Max.

Max drove me to his apartment! I couldn’t believe it, after our one date I had pretty much decided Max was a dud. He walked me up and into his apartment and the second the door was closed his hands and lips were all over me. I came with his fingers in my pussy before we got out of the entrance. I was soo hot I dropped to my knees and couldn’t get his cock out fast enough, he broke the catch and zipper on his slacks by yanking them open and I started sucking and stroking Max’s cock for all I was worth, I made as much noise as I could, moaning and slurping his cock, I pretended I was one of those girls in a XXX porn tape. Max shoved me back on the carpet and I yanked my skirt up around my hips, Max tore my panties off and we fucked long and hard until I had cum twice then Max pulled out and came all over my pussy lips.

We were over an hour late getting back to the office.

Jake and I barely spoke Monday night. He came in late again and begged off sex to go to sleep early. I was disappointed because I really wanted him to go down on me while my pussy was still coated with Max’s cum.

Max was out of the office all day today (Tuesday) I haven’t seen him since I left work Monday eve.

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3/7/2006 6:39 pm

fascinating... Keep us posted...

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