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2/22/2006 2:47 pm

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Sex Toy answer.

Jerry wore a large black leather wristband on each wrist. They had chrome spikes in three rows. Jerry wore them day and night. The spikes were flat at the tips so they weren't very sharp.
One day while we were necking the spikes on Jerry's wristband rubbed against my pussy when he reached under my skirt. The cold hard chrome felt so good that I ended up humping his arm while jacking him off. He came all over my leg and his wrist band was soaked with pussy juice by the end of my third orgasm. After that day Jerry used to like to find new things to fuck me with. One of our favorites was a fuzzy stuffed toy snake, it was a little too big around but Jerry loved to stuff the whole thing up my pussy and then fuck me with it with short fast thrusts until it was soaked and then he'd pull the whole thing out of me (about 12 inches) in one long fast yank. I'd cum so hard everytime that I cannot now be in the presence of a stuffed snake without wetting my panties.

To this day I love having random objects used on me durring sex. My husband knows this and every now and again he'll find something new to fuck me with, most of the objects in our bedroom smell like my pussy on examination. I have a hairbrush that's been rammed up my ass more times than the vibrator in my bedside table drawer. Jake also likes to get me worked up in public by showing me something that he'll then buy just to bring home and fuck me. Week before last we were at the farmer's market in Ventura and he kept buying things like carrots, celery stocks, cucumbers and even a piece of hard bread that was cock shaped.

He'd show them to me and have that wicked look in his eyes. By the time we got to the car I was so turned on and wet that he fucked me right there in the parking lot with his car keys until I came. That night he fucked my pussy with the cucumber while he fucked my ass.

Ever see those motorized kid suckers? The kind that have a bright colored handle and spin and or light up while you suck on them? Jake's fucked me with those too.

One night I made home made frozen pops of which half ended up melting in my pussy and ass.

There is something so taboo about fucking normal everyday items that gets me off everytime.

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2/22/2006 5:08 pm

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