Things just got THAT much more complicated  

cutevixen69 49F
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4/23/2006 6:13 am
Things just got THAT much more complicated

Well about 12 hours after the 'big talk' with the ex we ended up back on the phone. He made the drive up and we had an attempt at a platonic day together. Did the mall, movie and dinner thing.

This has left me even more confused. I don't know WHY I saw him. I had been feeling really crappy and needed someone and he jumped to the rescue - even though this was obviously not going to be about sex.

And I have no doubt that he really is still in love with me. But as the day progressed and the issue of keeping things platonic became increasingly difficult, the subject of 'what he is going to do about this' came up again. He still had no answers and no insight on how to figure it out.

I mentioned in a response to a previous post that its the day to day stuff that causes the hassles. In this case, our day to day stuff was actually great. We spent pretty close to a year together - dealing with work, bills, etc and things were fine 99% of the time. (Nothing is ever perfect 100% of the time)

It's just the stumbling block of how to figure out how our futures can meld together.

BTW the problem is that he is American and lives in the US. I'm Canadian. When we were together before, he wasn't willing to take the steps to relocate to Canada and there was no viable option for me to relocate to the US. Hopefully this will give some of you some insight into why I had to look at this as a dead end relationship after over 2 years.

I didn't talk to him after he dropped me off at home. Although we did kiss and there were a few fumbled gropes, that was as far as things went. The emotional stuff was just too hard for us both I think.

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