How do you know?  

cuteredhead83 33F
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8/4/2005 11:55 am

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5/3/2007 2:15 pm

How do you know?

How do you know when its true love?
How do you know they are the one?

How do you really know?

I asked my parents once when I was engaged ... I guess I want to see what everyone else thinks

funsailor84 32M

8/5/2005 8:18 pm

When you can't get them off your mind even when you want to.

cuteredhead83 33F
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8/5/2005 9:49 pm

I would agree with you funsailor.

Is that enough to make love last?
What is enough to make it last?

funsailor84 32M

8/6/2005 8:30 am


cuteredhead83 33F
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8/6/2005 1:22 pm

I would agree it takes patience.
Though I think it takes more than just patience.
It takes trust, hope, honesty and kindness

cuteredhead83 33F
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8/6/2005 2:50 pm

I think this say it best
"Love is always patient and kind
It is never jealous
Love is never boastful or conceited
It is never rude or selfish
It does not take offense
It is not resentful
Love takes no pleasure in other peoples sins but delights in the truth
It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope and to endure whatever comes."
1 Corinthians: 13

rm_pgn_man 39M
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8/6/2005 7:10 pm

Love is a word, what it means can never be truely expressed, only experienced.

Laughing at what should bother you makes love work.
And a healthy dose of patience helps.

FireDawg_10 40M
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8/7/2005 2:49 pm

I really wish I knew. I thought I did, still do, but when things aren't very good it gives enought to make you question. I hate myself SO much for that. But that's the way my life goes. When you do find out, let me know.

cassyleblanc 43F
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5/2/2007 11:34 pm

When being with them is easy
When you are happiest when with them
when you think of things you want to do or may do down the road....and not not conceive of not being with them

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