So where are all the urban sluts like me?  

cuteottawacpl 44M/41F
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3/24/2005 7:43 pm

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11/7/2011 6:46 am

So where are all the urban sluts like me?

Is It The Country Air?

I know the old stereotype was that the countryside was full of good, honest, clean-living folks, while the big city was jammed with sinners of all stripes and colours. So where are all the urban sluts like me? Where are my city-dwelling sisters in sin? My bacchanal brothers of the built-up areas? Why do all the swingers live in the country?

There are apparently hundreds of swingers in Ottawa, but actually, they all live in Kemptville, Petawawa, Carp, and all of the rest of those far-flung Conservative Party-voting settlements. Once inside the central "Liberal" core of the city, all I find are political bi-women, and elitist poly-amorous types. Okay, I can deal with the bisexual activists, I am one too, after all, but when it comes to just, well, getting it on, I have to drive to where the crickets serendade us in the hot tub.

This was a problem for us when we didn't own a car. We didn't need one - we lived in the city, we could walk to everything. Except orgies. It meant that many couples we were interested in had to be put in the reject pile because transportation was a serious hindrance. Thankfully, we do have a car now, so we can drive way the hell out to Greely (yes, I know, it was amalgamated - it's still the country) when that charming community is home to a totally hot couple we want to have sex with.

Still, I'd like to know: why are so-called conservative country folk the free-lovin' ones? Is it too much to ask for to whip down Gladstone, heading home on my trusty bike after a fabulous fling with another gorgeous urban nympho? Oh well, I guess until that happens, I'll keep following those country roads to other luscious swingers homes!

looking4women83 34M
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6/17/2005 7:40 pm

i live in west end

thromboxane-2 53M
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6/21/2005 8:26 am

May be U need to have them do the driving, would increase the available dishes. I think I live in the country....Kanata LOL

onegreatchick 40F

7/23/2005 9:14 pm

I was wondering the same thing myself! Where ARE the urban sluts like us? I need some more fun in my life!! What better way than by enjoying the sins of the flesh!!

rm_funguy4sum1 48M
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11/26/2005 9:04 pm

Girlfriend and I live in the country....just north of Brockville. We are interested in some fun with ya's. If me at tr21chris@ that hot place. AdultFriendFinder profile is funguy4sum1. I can get some pics to ya's...Take care

rm_anonamoos 42M
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11/29/2005 5:44 pm

I'm a suburbanite...Orleans

sham_rock_shake 39F
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3/5/2007 1:16 pm

Sigh, I used to live in Greely. If you are ever in Kingston...let us know!

AquarianDuet 43M/41F

4/1/2007 8:10 pm

We live all the way down near Windsor...

We have a terrible time finding a great couple. We've been open to the lifestyle since October of '05 and still haven't found a couple who matches us or had a full-on experience! (If you read our blog you can catch up on the history.)

We love to travel, though.... wink

I must say that hubbie and I love your pictures! Please consider adding us to your friends list if you deem us worthy.

Misha & Frank

hornynewbies2 45M/37F

6/7/2008 1:56 pm

We're in Centertown Ottawa, too!

mjms_69 47M/42F  
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10/16/2013 2:58 pm

We're in Ottawa South!

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