Fags, and those who should go to hell.  

cuteottawacpl 44M/41F
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3/19/2005 11:29 pm

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12/7/2006 11:05 pm

Fags, and those who should go to hell.

I just caught the tail end of a documentary called "The Education of Shelby Knox" (http://AdultFriendFinder.com). Shelby is a 16 (ish) yr old girl, championing the rights of the youth in her small American Texas town.

I summarize: during her quest she takes up the torch for sex ed. in schools. This leads her to issues of homosexuality ‒ if you are going deliver a responsible sexual education program, do you include same sex relations? Seems like a no brainer to me (but I’m 32 not 16) and Shelby’s dilemma is not only is she American, but she’s Christian (not that there is anything wrong with being either or both, but come-on, you get my point).

Since almost everyone that Shelby turns to for guidance spurns her, she takes it upon herself to learn about the issues she discovers. She finds a group called GAP (Gay And Proud) youth.

Here’s where I start to get steamed. She consults a church leader. He basically bullies her into accepting his view as the only correct answer. At one point he says “Jesus loves homosexuals just as much as he loves murderers.” I almost fell off the couch! I couldn’t believe it and unfortunately Shelby missed it. Are fags akin to murderers? Is that really a fair juxtaposition?

One of the young men she meets tells her how when he steps out into the school parking lot, he doesn’t know what to expect. Translation: he doesn’t know where the attack will come from. Cars speed up and swerve towards him, fists or bats swinging from the windows as they pass by, he recounts. No one deserves to be treated like that! But I still haven’t seen the extreme of the hatred he is subjected to.

Later Shelby (straight girl) joins GAP at a protest (with her mom who wants to protect her daughter from harm ‒ her parents really are supportive even though they disagree with homosexuality). There are anti-gay protesters sporting sings of a dead young man (presumably gay) that say “4 yrs in hell.” Teens holding such hateful signs and it makes me sick inside. The signs of those who are there to support GAP have a picture of another young man (maybe the same, I dunno, but also presumably gay) with the caption “Killed by Hate.”

Why do we as humans have to be so inclined to hate? Why are we so interested in what our neighbours are doing and more importantly why do we feel so compelled to tell our neighbours what to do? Especially when it comes to sex?

“4 years in Hell.” Can you believe such insensitivity coming from a group of people devoted to Jesus? But then again, GW won his second term because of the “moral vote.”


Tala4u2 54M  
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3/20/2005 12:22 am

The joy of democracy; you can say what you like whether it is expressing hatred or love, war or peace, the choice is free to accept, deny or ignore the messages. A minority can exist without risking organised 'disapearing'.

Tala, Wizard of The Kingdom of BooBoBia, DEITY,

iwillcheatwithu 49F
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3/20/2005 2:50 am

Disgusting. I agree. Sad that these teens learned hate from their?... at such a young age. I don't know if "gay sex" needs to be taught in school. But bad behavior is what it is. Interesting mention of GW and the "moral vote" 4 years in hell? how about 8 years in hell...

rm_stephenc1966 50M
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3/20/2005 3:33 am

That's an interesting post and I understand why it makes you so angry. One thing I wanted to add, however, is that not all Christians are like that. In my experience, the vast majority are not at all like that. You mention the juxtaposition of murder and homosexuality in the story -- well, here's something similar I was telling a friend about recently. Jesus never mentions homosexuality. Not once. He even acknowledges at one point that a person is born with a sexual identity. He does, however, have a lot to say about divorce and adultery. Despite this, homosexuality is singled out by certain people. The only thing I can figure is that people are the most judgemental about things they are not themselves likely to do. A married heterosexual can be judgemental about homosexuality because it's not something they have a desire to do. But...they are a lot more understanding about divorce and certain "indiscretions" because...well, just in case they ever get divorced or get a hankering to do something indiscrete themselves. Like join AdultFriendFinder

ReadyToTango46 57M
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3/20/2005 6:43 am

I'm gonna have to be careful here because religion and politics are both very explosive topics. So I'm only going to express one opinion at the end of this post.

First, I think it is a fact that more people have been killed in the name of religion than have been killed in all of the wars combined. I can't remember where I read this, so I can't really back this up.

Second, concerning the gay/murderer comment, it is my understanding that homosexuality is considered an abomination in in some of the more fundamentalist christian religions, so it doesn't surprise me if a church leader considers being gay right up there with being a murder. In fact it's worse, because you can murder someone and be forgiven, but you cannot be gay and be forgiven unless you renounce your homosexuality. Go figure.

Now here is the opinion - Any belief system, religious or not, that persecutes people for loving and caring for each other just because they are of the same gender, is seriously fucked up.

mygmyg 59M

3/20/2005 8:49 am

ottawa, I live down here in Texas, have for 33 yrs, so I have been naturalized (neutralized)somewhat. 2 yrs. ago returned to college, and initially thought that perhaps the young'uns would be not as ill formed at this point in their lives.
As you could tell, the "religious" influence is quite ignorant. The GW politicos utilize this and capably portray liberal people as an undermining the conservative base in our country. i.e. liberal influence on supreme court has changed laws, ex.Abortion, the use of the marriage issue, one liberal judge allowing same sex marriages and how the christian voice is muted. They whip their "flock" into a frenzy and they blindly follow when in the voting both.
Blue collar America, the great midwest, ignore their economic interest, and vote religious misdirection.
Thinking is slow to change, and vocalizing the change is even slower, but it is happening in Tex and in all parts of our country. The political party "imagery" that utilizes the religious base is disheartening, especially amongst our young generation. But I have to believe that it will shift continually away from the right.
I think that those of us who are less vocal in expressing acceptance are not only hurting these people, we are hurting ourselves and our country.

cuteottawacpl 44M/41F
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3/20/2005 9:08 pm

Wow, thanks for the positive and constructive feed back. My hope in humanity just jumped a notch. Though, I'm not entirely surprised to find intelligent, free thinking people to be members of AdultFriendFinder!


PoolTableFun 58M/F

4/15/2005 7:01 pm

Live and let live , judge lest you be judged. Theres room for all in this world and for the one's that can't accept that well there looking at Mars right now for a possible perfect world for you's to beam up to.

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