the following morning  

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8/22/2005 12:12 pm

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the following morning

So this is a continuation of my previous evening with my special bee---I had a great night as you read before...but the morning was even better...

I woke up with a very hard cock,,, now this is not that unusual, but the best part about it was there was a girl lying there next to me that could take care of this problem for I kind of nudged her awake and started kissing her first thing...just with our lips and tounges rubbing against eachother

"good morning" i said "how are you"

"still wet" she said

oh what a great (she was wearing only my track pants) so i slid my hand down to her crotch and start rubbing her clit through her pussy while she pulled my cock out through my boxers and was seriously rubbing my cock, i think she rubs cock a lot better than I do. So at this point im actually pretty near to cumming, having her little hand rubbing the head of my cock , and she even cupped and played with my felt fantastic.

So I quickly pulled her out of her track pants and started on my breakfast. I licked her pussy- and she wasnt lieing she was very wet...I could see cream running out of her pussy, it looked like she had been ready for awhile she tasted great, i slid a finger in her pussy and put my finger to her mouth and she sucked the cream off of her finger, she smiled at me and told me to keep going
"it feels great, please dont stop"
So i kept licking her pussying, sliding one then two fingers into her very very tight hole. I made the come hither motion again and cupped my mouth around where my fingers were rubbing and sucked her skin up and she nearly came instantaneously in my mouth. She flooded pussy juice into my mouth, and for the first time ever I really had to swallow every ounce of it. She then told me it was my turn, i rolled over on my back and she started sucking my cock..Now usually Im not a big fan of getting my cock sucked, but I will say that this girl has an extreme talent for it. She was going to town, I brushed the hair back from her eyes and she was sucking on just the head, and using her tounge so well that it felt like I could cum at any minute. Then she took her mouth from my cock and started licking and sucking on my balls, I really could have cum right there, but she quit and gave me a second to calm down before she crawled up my body and slid her pussy down my cock, it felt so great, and she was so wet that it was no problem at all. She slid all the way down and started grinding her hips back and forth along my pubic bone. Honestly at this point I did cum inside of her, but I managed to stay hard and it just added to the lubrication of her already wet pussy and how wet my cock was from her mouth. So she kept grinding me, then I turned her over and started fucking her from behind. She has a fantastic ass, thers a picture on here somewhere, but you have to find it so i was sliding my cock in her pussy and really pulling on her hair- I like it a little rough, and she was moaning and through in a scream hear and there of

"oh that feels good"
or "your cock is great in my pussy"

I turned her over and we went to the missionary position, I wrapped an arm behind her neck and the other one was propping me up, she hand her legs behind my back and her arms wrapped around my neck and i started fucking her very hard, and very fast, my cock going in and out of her pussy, it felt so great. She said

"I want to cum with you...oh im so close, cum with me, cum with me"

"oh im close to , i want to cum with you, im going to cum"

"oh David, cumming im cumming"

at that moment I" shot my second load in to her pussy and felt the shivers run through my spine, we were spent and I was sweaty.

I rolled off of her and she crawled on top of me and we started kissing eachother...i miss her..and we will meet tomorrow hopefully i have another story to add...otherwise i might have to go retroactively

rm_dentmagnet9 60M

8/22/2005 12:58 pm

geeez! nice one David!! I need to go clean up now lol

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