The Visit!  

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4/28/2005 11:04 pm

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The Visit!

Had a doctors visit today and the strangest thing happened....I had a fantasy of her which has never happened before. See, I have a VERY cute doctor and she has always been rather playful with me with her words and today I had to give a urine sample and the fantasy began.......

After leading me to the bathroom and handing me the obligatory cup, without realizing it, I started to unzip my pants before she even left the room and closed the door. Whether it's because we're so relaxed from our long relationship which affords us a certain comfort level, or maybe she's just horny because she looks back with a sly smile and tells me she'll be right back. Now all doctors say this, but I was soon to find out how literal she was being when to my surprise, the door opened back up. In she slid biting her lower lip as her gaze drifted down towards my exposed tool. Not shy in the least I turned and fully faced her asking what I could do for her as she began to explain her reason for coming in. She said there was a new way the doctors checked WHILE giving the sample and it was strictly to feel for any abnormalities resulting from my pissing. I smiled and told her I'm noticing a rather abnormal size bulge right now as a matter of fact as she eased behind me and guided my hips back towards the toilet....I couldn't wait to see what this hands on examination was going to yield!

I felt her cool hand reach around my waist and grip my rising cock as she began to slowly stroke the flesh back and forth over my growing manhood. I asked what this technique was for and she stated "it helped them feel if anything might be passing through the shaft while the liquid was expelled"...maybe it's just me, but that sounded kind of hot coming from such a sexy petite woman. She proceeded to work my member back and forth as I felt her teeth sink lightly into the flesh of my shoulder. Reaching behind me I lifted up her skirt to seek out her sex and to my surprise she wasn't wearing any panties and her pussy was already hot and steamy....dripping with excitement! As my fingers spread her lips and sought her clit, she sped up the stroking of my cock until the sounds of slapping skin could be heard by any that might pass in the hall. Although hard to pee with an erection and stating this fact to her, she told me not to worry because "we'd get something out of there", so I left my care in the good doctors hands. As my fingers work her clit into a swollen bud of lustful desires, she sways her hips as if dancing a sexual hula with the express purpose of having my fingers bury themselves deep inside her pink folds.

Her breathing gets faster and heavier as she draws near her climax, her hand still working my dick into a frenzy. I close my eyes and tell her it's close as I squeeze my lips together to stifle the groans of pleasure about to be heard. Her pussy convulses around my fingers as she lets go a flow of warm juices that coat my hand. At the same time my cock pulsates with the stream of hot cum flowing towards the final release. Spurt after creamy spurt erupts out of my tool as she continually strokes it...making me shiver with contentment. Turning around just in time to see her lick and suck her fingers clean, she tells me to hurry with that sample as she exits the bathroom.

Man, I wonder when I'll get sick enough to make another appointment!?!

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