Susan's Turn  

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4/17/2005 4:07 am

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Susan's Turn

After some really good kissing...Susan has the nicest tongue and really knows how to use it...I push her head down toward my tits. My nipples are all swollen and need some attention. She runs her tongue around my nipple then I tell her to take it in her mouth and she begins sucking gently...God her mouth is so soft and feels so good. My nipples are as big as ripe strawberries and Susan is enjoying her treat. I take her hand and bring it to my crotch. Taking her finger I show her how to rub my clit. I suspect Susan has been doing some heavy duty masturbating since she needs little help in this area. Soon her finger disappears into my soaking wet pussy and I moan hotly as her mouth continues an assault on my nipples. After some really nice finger action, I pull her hand away from my pussy and pushing her mouth from my tits, put her pussy juicy coated finger into her pretty mouth. "How's that taste, honey," I whisper to her as I kiss her cheek. "Mmmmm," was all she could say as she sucked on her finger hungrily, her tongue licking to get all the juicw. She whimpered when I pulled her finger out of her mouth. "Kelli that tasted so good," she cried. "Well darling, I think it's time to let you try the real thing," I tell her as I spread my legs revealing my freshly shaved pussy. "Why don't you go down there and get acquainted?" I tell her hotly. "That's it baby...lick the outer lips first....just like I did take one side in your mouth and suck it...ooooh that's it but just a little harder...oh yes Susan baby that's so good....oh yes, yes, yes!, honey leave the clit alone for now...that's eat sugar, suck on the other side and work your way down....mmmm, very good spread the outer lips with your fingers...begin licking at the bottom and lick all the way to the top...put your tongue in a little further...that's it suck that pussy...I have lots of sweet pussy juice for you baby and a lot more when I cum...oh Susan, you sure you've never done this before...God baby you eat my pussy so darling work on my clit...suck it like you used to suck your husband's cock...harder baby...almost there sweetness...keep sucking that clit....oh my God, I'm cumming Susan...that's it baby lick up all that juice...swallow every drop!" I shout as my simmering hot pussy finally gives up its load. As we lie in bed cuddling and kissing, I ask Susan again if she's ever eaten a pussy and again she says this was her first time. I tell her this is only her first lesson and if she wants more, there's lots more I can show her. She agrees readily and I tell her how hot it can be to fuck with a double dildo. Perhaps I'll share that with you later. Bye for now!

scubasnack2005 58M/58F

4/18/2005 12:51 am

Great story. Thanks for sharing. Excellent instructions, but then again, teachers are used to sharing with the class.
Post again!

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4/27/2005 5:26 pm

God, I think I stained the chair, all that squirming Susan is a lucky girl.

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