Where Is My Blog??????  

cuteNEway 41F
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10/13/2005 3:39 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Where Is My Blog??????

What is wrong with this damn site??? I decide to post a blog and it decides that there is too much "foul language" and it gets denied...sure foul language on a site that allows men to write in their profiles that they want to "plow your guts in" and make you their bitch...I don't fuckin get it but i censored the damn blog because the point of the story is more important than peppering it with colorful language...

MissAnnThrope 56F
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10/13/2005 10:41 am

WTF? My writing is peppered with words most people would consider foul and I haven't had anything denied yet. Sure you didn't piss them off by using one of the following? A-O-L, M-S-N, Y-A-H-O-O, in the entry? They will deny posts based on that here and in the magazine.

JarrodSparrow 33M

10/13/2005 2:48 pm

I think there are different editors between the profiles and the blogs, if that was what you are referring to...

Many of the people on this site use *'s instead of spelling out the whole word, and much of the time it alleviates the problem with censorship.

I haven't had anything blocked yet, but then, I haven't really been pissed off enough to really start cussing...

Sorry about the frustration and I hope I helped.


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