Those Were The Days!  

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Those Were The Days!


I had to get a job. Broke as a joke and bored outta my skull. My Papi Chulin, (this is what I call my daddy), got me an interview with the security staff at the hotel where he was working. No sweat. No previous security experience was necessary and my English is a lot better than most of the management’s (as always). This is how I became a Compliance Officer at the (Four Diamond) Condado Plaza Hotel and Casino. Nice title, isn’t it? Compliance Officer is just a fancy name for a casino security guard, kinda like the janitors are “Housekeeping” and the front desk clerk is the “Concierge”.

Carlos Ramos. Cashier Supervisor. Then 25. YUUUUUUHUUUUUMMMMMM is the word that comes to mind. He was this sexy boy with dark tan skin or “indio” as we ‘ricans like to call it, brown eyes, dark hair. Add to that an easy smile and a walk that just screams out, “I have a theme song!!” I lusted not so secretly and we used to hang out once in a while and we used to talk about everything (EVERYTHING) but nothing ever came of it. ~sigh~

Julio Marrero. Housekeeping Supervisor. Then 30. Almost black but not quite. I wouldn’t call him good looking but there was something in those hazel eyes that just drew me to him. And the big lips, mmmmm. He would always find and excuse to be near the casino if I was posted at the door. When I took my half hour break he would go down with me in the staff elevator (oh the staff elevator) but not before we rode up to the tenth floor (where rarely would anyone venture) and he’d hold the door open for a minute or two while we had ourselves a quickie make-out. His shift was up at 3am and one day he decided to pick me up at 6am when my shift was up. We got some beers and went to his place.

I was on my rag and I told him as much but apparently this was not objectionable to him. This to me was glorious news! This is the man that broke my 11 month dry spell. WOO HOO!! We met this way two more times and it was great especially since we didn’t have the crimson tide impeding our progress. But the last time we were together…tsk, tsk, tsk…he wouldn’t get hard! I was turning every trick that I KNEW worked, I even tried some ludicrous stuff I had seen in porn flicks…NOTHING! He was compensating in other ways but kitty was hungry for some meat!! After the fact I remembered that when some guys do too much coke they can’t rise to the occasion, (I know, I know that was terrible, but I digress), so that night I didn’t get the full monty.

I guess he was embarrassed about this little snafu because he proceeded to ignore me after that and gave me some such stupid ass line about losing my number. He’s just a loser-ass fucktard anyway! Good riddance! ~indifferent wave~

Xavier Gonzalez. Croupier. Then 19. I flirted with that boy shamelessly! Cutie pie with pale skin, a come hither look, light brown hair. One morning I needed a ride home and he was staying in the vicinity. Made out with him in his car right in front of my house at 7:30 am with my neighbors driving by us on their way to work. I can almost certainly say that he is the best kisser in my limited (hee hee) experience.

Finally after months of shameless flirting and several more hot make-out sessions, we end up alone in his apartment. I was so excited that I was FINALLY gonna bag this boy. That excitement was short-lived for he was a Short-Short, One-Minute-Man! First of all it kept slipping out and by the time he was able to keep it in he was done. My heart rate never budged. ~disappointed sigh~

John “Suga’” Croupier. Then 27. He was normal puertorican color. Black hair slicked back. About 5’4” and light brown eyes that said “yeah, I’m sexy.” We used to flirt with each other because it was in both our natures. Nothing to it. No expectations. The day it happened was one of those days where you go out for drinks and you’re having a great time with this cool kinda sexy guy that you really don’t want but you’d do him anyway. That was my “suga’”. We were both drunk and horny and we didn’t want to go home so we went to a motel and we had some fun, no strings sex. We were cool as always after that in the casino.

Luis Daniel. Surveillance Officer. Then 24. That’s right kiddies! Big brother. The eye in the sky of our beloved casino. Blanquito (white), brown eyes, dirty blond hair, cupid lips, about 5’10”. My lusting after this one was a BIG no-no. According to casino compliance regulations, no casino employee was to fraternize in any way, shape or form with the Surveillance Officers. Not even as acquaintances. Not even “hey, how you doin’?”

I remember hearing that voice over the radio requesting a phone call from the Compliance Officers. I loved it when it was me he would request a call from. Then I’d hear that voice over the phone and the panties would not only drop, they would hide! When I was on the phone with him, I would always be looking up at the nearest camera with that “you sexy and I’m easy” look in my eyes.

Another favorite of mine is when I got to deliver cards that had to be investigated along with the videos from the night before. I had to go to the surveillance room, knock on the door and he would come out and sign for the cards, very simple, shouldn’t take more than two minutes tops. Ooh no! not with me! We would always linger at the door making the most inane small talk.

I flirted shamelessly (again! That is my M.O.). He found it amusing and he would tell me that I’m terrible and in my best Blanche Devereaux impression I’d be all “Who? Little ol’ me? Naaah!” which he found even more amusing and every time he spoke to me, whether it was at that forbidden door or on the phone, he’d say “Portate bien…”(behave) and there the panties would go again. At this point he would say hello with a peck on the cheek.

After endless months of lusting and flirting on both sides I get another one of those phone requests. But this one was special. That sexy voice asks me for a favor, he wanted me to bring him some hot cocoa envelopes from the casino kitchen. He says that if I do he’ll reward me. I ask how. He says with a kiss. I say OK (duh!). He says that’s the only reason I’m doing it. I say no (mmhmm) I’m just nice like that. He of course doesn’t believe me (and who would?).

So I go and get the damn things and I knock on The Door. Heart pounding. He opens The Door and I hand him his Swiss Miss and say hello. He’s all “that’s how you say hello now?” so I lean over toward him (making sure the camera over the door can’t catch us) and give him a half and half peck, OK so it was more than half, and his response was “mmmm, can I have another one?” so of course (slut that I am) I give him a full on peck, only this time it lingers, and of course I leaned the boobs on him.

He breaks it off only because we were at that door long enough for people to wonder. He gives me the usual “portate bien” and I told him that I couldn’t, not with him around. About an hour later I went up those same stairs only instead of turning left to The Door I turned right to the bathroom. Apparently my Surveillance adonis was watching me because no sooner had I shut the bathroom door does his door open and he walks across to the tiny coffee niche right past the bathroom. I left the bathroom and went to the coffee niche and acted surprised to see him there and of course he acted surprised to see me (rrrrrriiiiiiiiiightttt).

Anyway stupid little comments I don’t remember led to us making out in that precious little niche for about five minutes. I was floating around the casino for the rest of the shift. I spent my days off thinking about this boy and getting stupid butterflies. But when I came back from my days off we got to talking in the smoking area. I was surprised to see him there because he’s not supposed to be there, but I digress. And some how the conversation turns to his live-in girlfriend. His pregnant live-in girlfriend. ~a tear rolls slowly down my cheek~

I hated men for like two days after Luis Daniel but I went back to my whorin’ ways. Those are the most memorable boys from Condado Plaza. Enjoy.

cuteNEway 41F

7/24/2006 3:51 am

foto...and their feet smell too!! yeah yeah so I was a ho. WAS (yeah thats it. WAS)

spunky...when I tell a story I TELL a story

Dys...girl even the fine ones are easy in the industry! As for the title, girl you have NO idea just HOW appropriate it is!

rm_tlaw781 38M

7/24/2006 6:15 pm

Damn I knew there was more to those casinos than just taking my money....Now I know and knowing's half the battle! Sorry GiJoe flashblack I'll never look the same at a compliance officer again!

AtomicArtist0 45M
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7/24/2006 6:29 pm

awesome writing here! This reads like the opening to a very good movie. I even saw it all in panarama. But the reason I say opening of a very good movie is because it leaves me wanting more. Is this the whole story? I want more. I loved how you described everyone's all important titles to go with their mundane jobs. You're one of the greats. This is why I continously choose to read you over so many other bloggers. keep writing.

cuteNEway 41F

7/24/2006 8:24 pm

Tlaw...This story? Oh thats NOTHING!!

Atomic...Thanks! Those stories were ended as they ended in real life.

Looking...Welcome to my world! And thanks for my tee hee!! I'll share thobut you use the blue one. The pink one is MINE!!

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