When will this shit stop?  

customerservice9 36M
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8/18/2005 11:57 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

When will this shit stop?

This is my ultimate ultimatum to the women of the world. I posted this on my profile on plentyoffish.com
I am just sick of all the double standards that I have had to deal with when it comes to the opposite sex. Do gay men put with this too?

I don't know why I came here to begin with. Every person I messages never responds no matter how nice I am. My old description was the real me. You know those "real guys" you all have been wanting. Were not all married/gay/dead. We do exist. Not even to say "no, i don't want to talk to you". All the asshole jock fucks get all the girls. Maybe that's what I'm doing wrong. Should I start being mean to women? I am so sick of being turned down for some jackass. I've figured out that all most women want is a big dick and bigger wallet. They say they want a guy to listen, understand, have a sence of humor, and take the out to nice places, but so far it's been a load of horseshit. I was once told that I was too nice. Well, fucking excuse me! I thought thats how you wanted to be treated. Maybe next time I'll just drink a 5th and punch you around the room instead of taking you out on the town and treating you like a human being. I'm usually a very happy go lucky guy that likes to have fun but I guess I'm not good enough. Oh and if you have a kid say so. Don't hide it by not not mentioning it anywhere on your profile. It's not my fault your dipshit ex was too insecure to wear a condom, or you were to body proud to take a pill. Now if he died in some toaster accident, that is acceptable and couldn't be helped, but if you got knocked up at least you had the overaries to have the kid and take care of it. Just don't keep it a secret like your ashamed, shit like that is what serial killers are made of. Then there is that spontinaeity crap that you cherish so much. Yeah the last guy that was spontaneous was sued for either sexual harassment/ . You want a guy with a decent body, I got some bad news. They not easy to come by. Even then they not easy to get along with because they are so full of themselves. Take and freak you see on a muscle mag and fast forward 20 years. He's probably got a good dose of testicular cancer by now. I'm a big guy. I weigh 230. Does it mean I'm a lazy slob? No! It just means I'm a big guy, always been always will be. Now, I will contradict myself a bit by say that I have been hitting the gym to tone it down a bit but will not let it rule my life and try to look like what the world says I should. I also like to smoke. Don't like then too bad. Ah the hell with it all, it's late and need to sleep now so I get to work in the morning.

I could say stuff about showing you a good time. Dinner, movies, dancing, shopping, talking, long walks on broken glass, blah blah fucking blah, but where would that get me. I'm not expecting anything from the end of the date. Not even a kiss. Why the fuck would you care? As long as the result is expensive jewellery and a tongue on your clit, you could give a fuck what happens on the date.

Marcopolomintus 45M

8/19/2005 12:37 am


Man, I loved your post dude!!
Here on AdultFriendFinder I've found that because women are the minority they can reply to whomever they choose to. If you don't have a photo then bad luck. You see women only want a "hotbod" as they think men with big muscles or a big dick are better lovers and people who are not. It's simple and very understandable that women on A.F.F. are about as shallow as an empty pool that's just had a dog piss in it.
You will never find love here, simple. And to be honest getting a reply from a woman here is about as hopeful as a shag from Angelina Jolie.
I don't actually think there are any "real" women here. In fact most women here, if not all, are all robots, or should I say, being controlled by A.F.F. staff - lol

rm_randybirch 44M/45F
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8/19/2005 12:51 am

wow hon....If I wasnt married I would give you a shot. Man you are so on target...My husband was one of those NICE GUYS who all the girls he tried to get close to liked the f'ed up metal heads who beat them/druged them/ them/took their cash...you get the picture. Well someone out here understands and KEEP LOOKING!!!! I believe in someone for everyone and it will happen. But BRAVO for telling it like it is....

much love to you and around you..


pantymansmyp 44M
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8/19/2005 1:14 am

Wow. You sound almost exactly like I did just prior to meeting my wife. Of course, I still feel that way most of the time...

rm_purrfectpink 41F
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8/19/2005 1:44 am

WOW...That's been bottled up for a while.....hope ya feel better.

Greddy81 36M
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8/19/2005 2:10 am

i feel 4 ya huni

rm_sharksnsails 46M
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8/19/2005 2:44 am


oldrwomanforu 65F

8/19/2005 3:38 am

WOW....sounds like you're in the wrong place!!!

blueyedchick43 56M/55F

8/19/2005 4:12 am

Whow, broken glass,ouch! Sounds Like ya already been hittin the 5th!Ok, ment that as a joke. Although I can see from reading you'r blogg you are not in a laughing mood! After viewing you'r profile, Hey you are a very hot looking young man,Hey If I were 20 yrs younger. I'd go for you ina heart beat! Don't ever change who you are,True, there are soOoOOo many FAKE people on these sights! There is a young lady out there, Just waiting to find you. It took me 43 yrs to find my true love. Who treats me like a queen,And loves me unconditionaly!And I treat him like a king,he has all my love, heart& soul. So hang in there man!
One thing, I thought AdultFriendFinder was mostly for people who want to play? or swing? Maybe try friendfinder, not this one. I know at you'r age group people are into looks and who's got the most. I have been doing the internet finding a mate/dating thing for over 7 yrs now. I have met some good guys.some liers,some freaks,But most of all I DID meet my true love. And now after almost 3 yrs we started in the swing lifestyle, Oh man It has just added to our relationship. As we both love sex! And yes True people are so dam rude when they don't even send a reply. A simple no thankzz would be great. Hang in there guy! You will find her, When the time is right. Don't ever change to suite someone els, As that would not be the real you! Then you would be not any better then all the other fakes & liers of the world! Best OF Luck!! Hugzzz Kat

LadySucks 70F

8/19/2005 4:48 am

wow!! you have been totally racked over it sounds like!! maybe all you need is a good fuck!

FriendlyTickler 45M

8/22/2005 10:33 am

I went through a phase like you're going through. The girls that I came across were very shallow. When I was younger I was looking mainly at how a woman looks from the outside and not the inside and because of that I ended up in some lousy situations. Once I endured a few of those, I learned exactly what to look for in a woman. You see, changing yourself is far too hard, especially when it means going against your ethics. Besides, why change what is right in yourself when all you really need to do is find a woman who can appreciate what you have to offer her? Be happy with who you are because sooner or later you will stumble across a woman who has been looking for you her entire life.

Good luck.

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