Lazy Saturday  

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7/1/2005 10:51 am

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Lazy Saturday

I sat on my enclosed porch that scorching Saturday, with my legs slightly apart letting the cool breeze from the fan blow up my dress. The cool air was absolute bliss against my hot wet pussy. I was just about to doze off when I heard the voice of my neighbor calling from the walkway. I returned the greeting but didn't move. He must have took my salutation for an invitation because he started to walk up to the screened door. As I heard him comment on the heat, I wondered if he could see my legs apart and one draped over the arm of my chair. Moreover, could he see my bare pussy? He opened the door and walked inside. Not wanting to seem whorish, I quickly moved my leg. He said "Oh don't move on my account. You looked comfortable." It didn't seem as if he saw anything...I mean a look at my kitten and it will show all over your face. So, I propped my leg back over the arm of my chair.
I offered him a glass of lemonade that I had sitting on the glass table. As I poured it, some of the ice from the pitcher fell onto the floor in front of me. My neighbor, being a gentleman, knelt down to retrieve the ice. He started to say something but looked up and found himself face to face with ... He raised an eyebrow and gave an almost sinister look. I dare not move. He slowly leaned closer to me and as I slowly raised my dress, I wondered if he was fully aware of what he was doing or acting out of primal lust. He got close enough that I felt a burst of hot air on my pussy before I felt a warm wet tongue. He grabbed my ass pulling me closer to the edge of the chair and closer to his mouth. I moaned out when his tongue began to lap between the lips of my pussy. Grinding my hips against his face, I never noticed he had such a long tongue. He lifted me into the air and... and... and started to mouth my ass. I moaned even louder. His tongue penetrated my ass as he spread my cheeks far apart. I thought I would lose my mind when he started finger fucking my ass and went back to mouthing my pussy. Just as he made my pussycat purr, we heard his wife call him. He jumped up, drank the lemonade , wiped the lemonade and pussy juice from his face and started for the door. He turned to me before walking out and said "Can I come back to play again?" "Anytime, my husband is at work. You are more than welcome."

Masseur_0 41M

7/23/2005 5:14 pm

haha...that story was hillarious...what was even funnier was that I was picturing Morgan Freeman as your neighbor in some southern sleepy town...Sorry, but you didn't describe the dude so my mind wandered...

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