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10/20/2005 2:37 pm

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i want to

shreik like Bjork does when she is really happy in her music.

Feeling good is a delight.
Coming out of the tunnel for a while. And they were right, there is a light there, at the end! {whomever "they" are }
It really is a beautiful day. Music is playing around me, the sun is out and I am happy.
What will I do now?
A nice, long soak in the tub sounds good. Maybe some tea. Vanilla bean and almond. Perfect.
I love painting my toenails outside when it is sunny. I am not much of a fingernail girl, fake that is, but I always have my toenails painted.
The red on them is fading, so now I need to paint them some other color. Or maybe I will stick with red, it IS such a passionate color.
My new paint brushes keep flirting with my fingers and hands. Maybe today will be a day to paint these intense and radiant feelings I am bubbling with! If I could bottle it up, I would. So that I would have a back up for my not so great days. Yes it's true, I am human, and have reallllly bad days, just like the rest of the world.
But today is not one of those days.
And something inside me tells me tomorrow won't be either.

I do alot of volunteer work.
Tomorrow I am volunteering to feed the elderly in the community, at a annual health fair.
I love this work. Sitting down on a break will allow me to hear an old strangers tale of childhood, family and dreams.
My last work invironment was at a call center helping Hurricane Victims relocate and re-establish. It was so intense and very rewarding. If nothing else, I went home each day knowing that I had brightened someone else's day for at least a moment.
I miss that job. So much. The different stories I heard still linger in my heart, and I still wonder about a few of the people who really opened up to me and touched my life.
For some reason, they felt like they could finally let it all out when they got me on the phone.
Now I am in between jobs, and I am sure that my next job won't be quite as rewarding, being that it will probably entail me being in a cubicle for hours.
Maybe I should move.
See? What did I tell you in my last bog? Like a leaf. If the wind blows hard enough, I will land somewhere else, or I may just spiral around and land right where I was/am. Who knows?

Thank you to that sweet inspiration that held my hand as I exited the tunnel, making sure not to let me fall back in.
It's nice out here and your hand is warm.

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