Roses & Candle light  

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7/11/2005 8:57 pm

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Roses & Candle light

Whether it is good, hard, long, wet sex, a romantic adventure, or an oral arousal while sleeping my jusband really knows how to please.

One evening after a week of stress my husband stepped out for a little while. When he returned home I was not allowed into our bedroom. A surprise awaited me.

After a few moments of waiting and fresh from the shower he stood me in front of our closed bedroom door. After opening the door my heart just melted. He had taken the light bulb out and replaced it with a red colored bulb, placed candles all around our room and covered the bed with rose petals.

Standing there still naked from the shower he stood behind me a begin to kiss my neck sending chills up my spine. He then laid me down on the rose covered bed and kissed, touched, and caressed every part of my body.

By this point my pussy was so wet with desire. He said the taste of me really turned him on. He then stuck his long hard dick in me making me moan with pleasure. After some time of thrusting in and out of my pussy. I road him like a wild stallion.

He made me orgasm so many times that night. We then climaxed together & laid in the bed exhausted but very pleased.

We still have hot passionate sex like this but instead of roses we have included all sorts of toys in which I enjoy using myself while he watches or he takes pleasure by using them on me.

upandready1946 70M
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12/23/2005 8:31 am

What a lucky man to have such a beautiful woman, I only wish you were mine John

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