It's not that i wanna be a tease...  

Orally_Corrupt 31F
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11/10/2005 10:03 pm
It's not that i wanna be a tease...

Okay so I've made partial contact with some guys on here. But I haven't actually met up with any of them. I feel guilty, like i'm a tease. But it's not that. I'm just pretty innocent. Not that I'm making claims at being a virgin -- I'm not. I just grew up in a really small town and saw how damaging a girls reputation could be when it came to other girls. So I made sure to keep mine nice and shiny. So naturally after living here for a few years, this place seems alot smaller to me. Every guy I encounter on here eventually I scare myself out of having some fun with them cause...well...they scare me. Not physically, just in terms of what they could do to my rep. I'm not slutty- but I am human, female, and young.

I think I just really need one good experience from here and then I'll start to open-up to being myself more. But until then, if I respond back and then back off, don't take it personal. Be confident that I chose your message out of the dozens I receive a day. I may seem like I'm playing hot & cold, but to me it's just hot & frustrated.

Save Me.

Sweetgenie_girl 41F

11/11/2005 7:11 am


The trick is to find someone you feel comfortable with. People will say it's just sex but we all know that for some of us (especially women) there needs to be some kind of connection. Once you meet someone who puts you at ease and is concerned with your pleasure and needs and not just his, you'll be able to let go and enjoy the experience.

Good luck!

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