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8/5/2005 6:35 am

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So last Saturday my boyfriend and I went out on the town with our own respective friends. I had a blast with the girls, we watched some fireworks, did a bunch of shooters, danced a little... all the ingredients of a fabulous evening.
Oh... and my cousin from out of town, who I hadn't seen in months, called me to say she was in town. Of course I invited her to crash at mt place and join our celebration.
At about 2am my cell phone rings. It's my boyfriend: "I have someone here I want you to meet". Meaning basically, he had met a woman who was game for a threesome with us.
My reply: "Remember that Sandy is staying with us?"
Of all the evenings for this to happen..... I was sooo annoyed!
When we all (myself, bf, Sandy) arrived back at our apartment and my bf and I were in bed, he told me about her: 28, blond, small like me, nice ass. She had started out hitting on my bf and he flirted for a while, but then told her he had a gf... but that she was still welcome to come home. Apparently she was quite surprised but was very excited afterwards.
After he spoke to me, he got her cell phone number to maybe meet up another time. It was a long weekend, so I told him to call and see what she was up to the following evening.... but she let it go to voice mail and never called back. Who knows if we'll run into her again.
I definitely hope so. I'd hate to think the first time in a year that this was finally going to work out, it was ruined by an ill-timed sleepover with a relative!

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8/20/2005 5:06 pm

shitty luck. sorry babe.

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