*sigh* my disappointment in human nature...  

curiouschrissy 37M/32F
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8/21/2005 7:28 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

*sigh* my disappointment in human nature...

First of all, please don't take this post as a sign of pessimism on our part... We are just expressing how disappointed we are in the fact that about 95 percent, IF NOT MORE, of the people that "read" our profile are men (and by "read" we mean just look at the photos). Before anyone can even look at our photos inside our profile, there is a bunch of jumbled symbols that are supposed to represent "couple seeking woman/women." OMG! Could it be?!?! "Words" attached to photos? Who on earth could have possibly thought that a person who is young and attractive might have other intentions than showing off her looks! It's mind blowing, isn't it? Granted, we are posting photos of my cleavage, ass in a thong, and naked body covered in my boyfriend's hands, but that doesn't mean I am looking for the type of attention that screams "look at my body! I will have sex with anyone at anytime!" We joined the site for one reason: Finding open-minded young attractive women with the same interest in women as we share. Not too difficult of a concept is it? I must be one of the few, but I thoroughly enjoy meeting people and getting to know them. I won't lie and say that I wouldn't be more inclined to get to know an attractive woman, that is why I am on this website, but I make my intentions very clear. So do alot of the people on this website. Alot of the members are just looking to get laid. Great! It's good that there is a place for you to go and say exactly what you want. But unfortunately for me, most men assume EVERYONE on the site is looking to get laid, despite being with someone already or not. Most men don't give a shit that I have a boyfriend and I am only looking for women. Well, I am sorry for being rude, but piss off! I know that I can get a man and I have one. I don't want another one. And for God's sake, I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOUR PENIS! Seen one, seen 'em all... The site of a stranger's penis does nothing for me. Get over it, I am not interested. I gave up on men, all except the one that I lay beside every night. I can only hope that the female gender doesn't let me down.


8/21/2005 12:58 pm

{color violet]
We are new here , and we have been approached by many "unwanted" men.
Within my profile it is obvious my preference is to share myself with another wome.Can't they read???

silktonguegirl 36F
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9/22/2005 8:19 am

Hey Chrissie I know how frustrated you are - I seem to get swamped by male replies and most of them are pretty arrogant too ! I now just look at it that "you have to mine a lot of rock to find a diamond". As for the photos - you're a very pretty lady. Think of it positively - I'm sure you love all those admiring glances when you're out - think of it in the same way.

curiouschrissy 37M/32F

9/22/2005 2:57 pm

Thank you silktonguegirl for your advice. The jerks on this site make it very difficult to shrug it off, but I'm learning. And thank you for the compliment about the photos, I'm not the greatest, but I'm pleased with what I have. Speaking of, your one picture is very nice, but what about your face? I wonder if I begged if I could get a full picture...

DeismDaisyOwing 48M

10/7/2005 6:14 am

I can't speak for other men, but if I have viewed your profile it is simply owing to the fact that I enjoy beauty and am looking at your photos for just that purpose. If having men view your photos is a problem then I suggest you hide the photos as I plan to keep on looking at attractive women until I die

curiouschrissy 37M/32F

10/7/2005 2:53 pm

Just to clarify: Who said anything about caring that you look at her photos? Thousands of people have since we've been on this site. It's the MEN that do nothing BUT look at the photos and then try to invite her into their network or ask to see more of her that piss us off. You go right ahead and keep looking at attractive women, both of us plan on doing the same. I look at ALOT of beautiful women, because I too am a fan of women in general. It's like looking at a painting that I enjoy and nothing more. I'm not a pervert or chauvinistic, I enjoy women in every way. Try not to take the insults too literally. They're mainly aimed at the ones that step over the boundaries that we allow.

JoinUSinPAnow 36M/36F

10/24/2005 1:04 pm

We can completely relate. Considered changing our account name to something along the lines of MENneedNOTsayHI...thought maybe that would get the point across better. Men are going to look at the pics, thats understandable, they are men, however; most cpls spell it pretty clearly that single shouldn't even bother sending emails or chats. But they think with the little head, see a pic on the profile, pop a chub, and decide to bother cpls and single F not wishing to hear from them. It takes a few seconds for them to read a profile, but their attention span won't allow for it. Well, sorry for going off a bit there. Best of luck! Very sexy couple!

hot2trot696969 51M/52F
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12/7/2005 7:53 am

Hi, Christy. It seems like most of the men on this site can't read. Regardless of how you write your profile they will only look at the pictures and then extend an invitation so they can see more pictures. And rude! This is a sex site and we all know what we are here for but still. Why show how dumb you are by sending emails that are very rude or disgusting? I don't bother looking at their profiles any more, just decline and go on with my life. Can'[t let the few morons affect our life. This has been a super place to meet people and my husband and I have had some great experiences and will have more. Good luck i nyour efforts to improve your life. I've been bi for a year now and only wish that I had started years earlier.

TongueActionJb 48M
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12/8/2005 3:45 am

Brandon AND Chrissy, (yes and, as in 2 people folks)
I READ, (omg. a man who reads,lol) ALL of your profile, & blogs. I think your both lucky to have each other, and hopefully you don't let the million idiots take you down and change either of you.
So when you either one of you guys start to think what your doing with each other, just read one of the annoying emails you get and you will realize that it could always be worse. lol.
Good Luck to the BOTH of you.

panchafinder5 42M
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12/14/2005 2:52 pm

Relax and enjoy the attention while it lasts,in ten years you will be begging for this attetion

luvstolickgirlz 49M

1/7/2006 7:49 pm

Well said Panchafinder5. This is a sex site. Although I respect the fact the you probably get many attempts from men to get in contact with you... like I siad... this is a sex site...a community. I am sure there are people in your neighbourhood, or your town or you city that are bad people, people with bad intentions etc... this is no different. There are over a million people on this site, 60-70% men I am sure. That is the size of a small US or larger Canadian city for god's sake. If you encounter a bad driver on the road you honk at them an go on your way. Vent all you want! but the bottom line is either grin and bare it.... or get the heck off of this site and find a more private way to hook up with what you are looking for!


curiouschrissy 37M/32F

1/8/2006 8:16 am

panchafinder5 and luvstolickgirlz:

This is the bf, Brandon, and I'm going to apologize now in case what I have to say sounds "preachy". Both of you act like we're on this site to pump our egos or that we might not fully understand what a site like this is all about. I'm sorry, but neither is even close to the points we're trying to make with these blogs. Of course there are bad people in our city and all over the globe and especially on this site, and we both understand how to take the bad with the good. And panchafinder5, this kind of shit isn't what we call "attention". It's flat out disrespect aimed specifically at my girl. There's no attention there. It's about as much attention as some guy hollering "show your tits" to a woman at spring break. Unfortunately, I seem to be a rarity in the male gender that finds that crap immature and demeaning. I love women, don't get me wrong. I read Maxim, Playboy, and truly appreciate the female body. But that's the problem with most (notice I said MOST) of you men on here: You don't appreciate it. All you want to do is have a good looking woman give you a moment of skin so you can go to sleep thinking you're a gift from God to the ladies, or some other horse-shit egotistical - or perverse - reason.

Look, I'm not a playboy or even that good looking, but I was raised to RESPECT women you find attractive, not belittle.

I'm not going to dislike either of you two for your opinions, but you're simply more proof to the type of mentality that this site seems to exude. This website IS a private way to find what you're looking for...so dammit, try reading what people are LOOKING FOR and not just think you're it at first glance.



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