Plans of Respect  

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5/28/2006 9:44 pm

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Plans of Respect

Well, this IS not exactly the site I should be posting this, but what the hell. After all, It's supposed to be a place to let others see through to the inside of your thoughts..the inner you....the core of your aura.

Tonight I have those in mind whom have given us the right to type, chat, write, telephone and discuss our innermost thoughts and desires. The men and women who made this country free and to this day, fight to keep it that way. I'm speaking of not only the brave men and women of our Armed Services, but also of the Clara Barton's, the farmers and shop keepers operating the Civil War era underground railroad way stations and the members of all law enforcement agencies. To be a part of this Great American Culture is an honor and a privilege....or at least it is to me and SHOULD be to you.
Tomorrow, before the grill is lit and the beer is iced, I will be making a trip to a cemetery not too far from my home, where some of my ancestors of notoriety are resting in eternity. Over their graves I'll place small flags and mutter words of thanks and respect. These relatives of mine include the following and I post their names here now for all in this great country to hopefully be as proud of them.... as I am to be directly of their blood.

Jacob K.- Fought in the War for Freedom (that would be the Revolutionary War to you that are brain dead)
George K.(son of Jacob)- Revolutionary War
Michael K.(son of Jacob)- Revolutionary War
Andrew K-(son of Jacob)- Revolutionary War
Peter K.-(son of Andrew) Revolutionary War
John K.- serving as a congressman during the Lincoln Administration
John G. K.- Serving in the Civil War's 210th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers
George K.- WWII, US Navy
Irene K.- WWII, WACS
Gerald B.- WWII, US Army
Chester S.- WWII, US Navy
William B.- WWII, US Army
Thomas B.- WWII, US Army
George s.- WWII, US Army

And to all of you whom have served, I offer my heartfelt thanks for your sacrficies to maintain the freedoms we enjoy and all too often, take for granted. And to all my ancestors whom I have not acknowledged due to holes in the genealogy study, I offer my sincere thanks for your service and my apologies for not knowing you.

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