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I was working kind of late trying to finish a task I had been working on. When I walked outside it was already very dark outside. The parking lot was almost empty. I was wearing my red dress, and underneath I was wearing my black bra and garter belt, along with black colored stockings. I was half way to my car when a van without any windows except the windshield and the door windows pulled up in front of me. The side door swung open and two big guys came piling out. They were wearing full face mask, so I couldn’t tell who they were, they grabbed me and pulled into the van. They quickly tied my hands behind me, bond my feet together and blindfolded me. I was begging them to let me go and to not hurt me. They didn’t say anything. After driving for what seemed like a life time, the van finally came to a stop. I heard the side door open, and the two guys lifted me up from the floor of the van, and carried me out. One guy then flipped me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. I sqiurmed a little trying to get free. “Damn it, stop wiggling around’, the man said. I could tell hewas carrying me up some stairs, and I heard a door open and he carried me into a building. I could smell wood burning and could feel the heat of the room. I was carried through the house and dropped onto a soft bed. I immediately started to squirm again, begging, “what do you want, please let me go, I’ll give you anything, please.” My pleas were unanswered. I heard a door shut and it was quiet. I quickly sat up and swung my legs around the edge of the bed, trying to loosen the ropes around my hands.

Minutes later I heard the door open. I could hear a television playing in the other room and a couple of people talking. “Where do you think you are going?” Some man’s voice asked. “Please, please don’t hurt me.” I begged. “Just relax, lay down, no one is going to hurt you.” He said as he pushed me back forcing me to lay down. He started to untie my feet. I tried to kick him as they became loose. “Bitch, you almost kicked me right in the face.” He yelled as he grabbed my feet. I started to scream, ‘help, someone please help me.’ From further in the house another man yelled, ‘will you gag her!’ The man that was hanging onto my feet started to tie each foot, forcing me to lay on my back, spread eagle. While he was working to bind my feet, another reached around my neck with a cloth of some kind and gagged me, a piece of duct tape was then put over my mouth, forcing me to breath out of my nose. My hands were still tied behind my back, someone rolled me over and untied my hands. They were quickly pulled out from behind me, one person was holding one arm and tied it tight above my head, while another person was working on the other arm. The two that were working talked casually among themselves. Soon I was bond so tightly that I could not move at all and I heard a door shut and it was quiet again. I wiggled around trying to loosen my bonds. It was useless, they were too tight and any struggling that I did seemed to cause them to pull even tighter. I eventually slipped off into a light sleep, exhausted from struggling.

I was awoken by the sound of the door opening. It was very quiet in the rest of the house. The door shut and I could hear someone breathing. I tried to say something, but with my mouth gagged and covered with duct tape the only thing that came out was what sounded like whining. I could hear creaks come from the floor as the floor boards bent under the weight of the person in the room with me. In my ear, very close, a woman whispers, ‘don’t worry Tina, you are going to enjoy this, we are going to fuck you until you can’t take anymore, and then just when you think you can’t take anymore, we are going to give it to you even harder.” The door opens and shuts again. I thought that the woman who had just whispered in my ear had left, and I started to squirm again, hoping to loosen my bondage. ‘Now, now, if you squirm, you are only going to make your ropes tighter and then they will start hurting. Just be still, we aren’t going to hurt you” a man’s voice says. The voice sounds familiar, but I can’t quite place it. (It’s you!) I stopped squirming, frustrated.

Just for visualization for you, because I am still blindfolded, the woman (we’ll call her Amber) is wearing a white teddy with snaps on her crotch. She has white boots up to her thighs and a white collar (choke chain)around her slender neck.

I felt someone unbuttoning my dress and pulling it open, exposing what I had underneath, which didn’t include panties! On one of my arms I felt a cold sharp instrument, which felt like a knife. It was scissors and my dress was cut off of my arms and pulled out from underneath me, leaving me lay there in my bra, garter belt and stockings. My shoes were lost earlier as I was being carried from the van.

I felt someone sit on the end of the bed between my legs. Suddenly, I felt someone’s hot breath on my pussy. (It was Amber, and she was taking in my scent.) I felt soft kisses on the inside of my soft but firm thighs and then hands were placed on my knees and started to run up and down my legs, from my ankles to my hips. A nose nudged my clit, sending a tingle through my body. The person between my legs got up, I could hear some rustling noises and then I felt something cold and wet on my belly. It was placed on my belly button and water started running down my waist to the bed. It was an ice cube and it was melting fast. The same cold and wet feeling then was felt on my tits. Amber circled the ice cubes around my nipples, making them erect. (FYI, you are sitting in a chair next to the bed watching!) Lips engulf my breasts, sucking them hard. I can feel an ice cube in her mouth as she takes my breasts into her mouth. She starts to kiss my hard nipples, and moves her kisses down, carressing my breasts as her lips depart. She slowly moves down to my belly button, where the ice cube had been left before, it was almost completely melted and was floating in a little puddle where my belly button indented. She sucks up that water and sticks her tongue into my belly button. Her tongue still out, she licks from my belly button to the top of my pussy lips. Her tongue flicks my clit once, again causing a stir throughout my body. (Remember, I am blindfolded, gagged, and bond, and I have no idea who is doing this to me, what they plan to do next or if there is anyone else in the room!) I feel her reach for something and hear some clinking, she moves back into position between my legs and starts to suck my clit. Her mouth is very cold and I can feel another ice cube inside her mouth as she sucks and licks my clit. She presses the ice cube up against my clit, almost long enough to make it numb. Then she sucks it back into her mouth along with my clit. I feel something penetrating my love box. She is fingering me as she sucks my clit. My breathing becomes a little more labored.

Suddenly there are hands on my arms. But they aren’t Amber’s because she is still busy down between my legs. (It’s you!) You start to run your hands up my arms to my elbows and then down over my arm pits and along my shapely waist. Following the same route up to my elbows again and then moving to the inside of my arms, down and over my tits, down to my belly. Your hands go back up to my tits and you start to massage them, squeezing them gently and giving them tender little kisses. You stop, and I can hear you unbuckling your belt and unzippering your pants. Taking a break from sucking my pussy Amber asks “If we take the gag out, will you promise not to yell?” I shake my head yes. So you rip the tape off and untie the gag. I let out a big breathe, happy to be able to breath normally again. “Listen, I don’t know who you are, but you don’t have to have me tied up like this, please, just let me go, I won’t tell anyone about this, please.” I begged. “Shhhhhh, you aren’t going anywhere Tina, so you might as well behave and enjoy this.” You whisper in my ear. “But..” I started to say, and was cut off by the placement of the tape back on my mouth. “If you can’t be quiet, then we will force you.” You say. I hear some rustling, I feel Amber get up from between my legs, I hear some suckling noises as you and Amber kiss. I feel someone sit down between my legs (it’s you this time) again and start to play with my clit, which is now bright pink and swollen. I feel hot breathe on my pussy as you lay between my legs taking in my scent. You lick my clit, tasting my juices You stick a finger in my wet and waiting pussy, it slides in easily. You start to move your finger in and out, fucking me with your finger. While you are doing this, Amber takes the tape off my mouth and says, ‘now, do as I tell you and there wont be any problems, ok?’ “Ok,” I answer. She mounts me, sitting over my face, facing you. “Now I want you to suck my pussy”, she says, as she lowers herself onto my face. I do as commanded, taking her hot little clit into my mouth, sucking on it. You look up from what you were doing, although not stopping and watch as my tongue flicks back and forth on her pussy. Amber is reaching down as I suck on her, to squeeze and carress my tits.

Before long, Amber is cumming, which has a domino effect and causes me to cum as well. You can feel my pussy grip your fingers as it contracts from the orgasm.

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