The Windy City  

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3/29/2006 5:45 pm

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The Windy City

I was down in Chicago for a couple of days for a conference. It was evening and the sun was just setting in the horizon. It was hot and muggy outside, but I had the air on in my room and was feeling pretty comfortable. I took off my dress and hung it up, I was wearing my red little number underneath and I caught a glance of myself in the mirror. I stopped and watched myself as I started to run my hands up and down my body, starting by my thighs, and moving up to my hot little muff. My finger slipped under my panties and tickled my clit. I moved over to the bed and lay down and started to think about you. I wished you were there with me but since you weren’t I started to recollect some of our previous rendezvous. I remembered sitting in your car kissing passionately, you squeezing my breasts and your hand moving down to my thigh.

As I lay there remembering the days that you touched me, kissed me and sucked my clit I started to feel really horny. My hands went back to where they left off, reaching down into my panties and finding my hard clit. I started to rub it back and forth, my other hand reaching up and squeezing my breasts through my bra. I reached around and unfastened my bra and threw it to the side. My pussy was starting to get really wet, as my finger continued to rub my clit. With all that lubrication, I couldn’t resist sticking a finger inside my tight pussy. It feels so good, I arch my back and let out a little moan, and with my eyes closed I imagine that you are down between my legs fucking me with your finger. My panties, now soaking wet, are just getting in the way, so I slip them off and throw them to the side. I start to move my finger in and out, slowly fucking myself.

There’s a knock at the door I get up and look out the peek hole and to my surprise and delight I see you standing there. I say, through the door, “who is it?” You answer, “room service!” I giggle a little and say, “I didn’t order any room service.” You answer, “compliments of the Hyatt.” I start to move my finger in and out, slowly fucking myself.

I open the door, and there I stand, wearing only my garter and stockings. You are surprised, and say, “Someone will see you!” You embrace me and push me back into the room and close the door behind you. I push you up against the door and kiss you passionately. You kiss me back and our tongues meet and start to dance. Your hands are running up and down my back, going all the way down to my tight ass, and back up to the back of my head, running your fingers through my hair. Our lips part and we look into each other’s eyes. We lean our heads towards each other and our foreheads meet, along with our noses. I say, “ I was just thinking about you.” You reach down between my legs and run your fingers along my pussy lips and discover that I am soaking wet. You say, “so I see.” And lean in to kiss me again. Our kiss becomes more passionate and you move me backwards, away from the door and towards the bed, squeezing my breasts and my ass.

I start to unbutton your shirt, get it half way down and start to run my fingers through the hair on your chest. We continue to kiss, then you move down to my neck. I lean my head back, and you continue over to my ears and then down to my tits. You suck one of my nipples, and I put my hand on the back of your head and push it towards me, forcing you to take my whole breast into your mouth. You stand back up straight and our lips connect again. I pull your shirt out of your pants and finish unbuttoning it as we kiss. You take your hands off me just long enough to pull your shirt off. I reach down and start to undo your pants. Quickly figuring out the combination and dropping them to your ankles. Your cock is rock hard and your briefs are wet with your pre-cum. I take those off, kneeling down to help your feet out of your pants and briefs. With your cock right in my face I can’t control myself and I stick it in my mouth. You pull me up by the shoulders and turn us around so that your back is to the bed.

You sit down and pull me towards you forcing me to sit on your lap, facing you, with my legs bent at my knees on each side of you. You look down at my muff and see that my pink pussy lips are parted and exposing my hard clit. We kiss some more, you reach down between us and start to rub my clit. I moan in response and reach down and start to stroke your bulging boner. You lift me up by the waist and rest me back down gently on your cock. It slips in with no resistance, my juices making all the lubrication we need. Your cock feels so good inside me, I start to grind my hips, as your hands find my breasts one more time. I lean up against you, forcing you to lie down on your back. I pull your cock out, turn around and gently guide it back in. I start to grind my hips again, feeling your cock deep inside me. I reach down and start to play with my clit. You sit up behind me and grab my tits, squeezing them with your strong, but gentle hands. I start to pump, my pussy going down all the way to the shaft of your cock and then back up to the head, almost falling out and back down again. I start to pump faster, my pussy gobbling your cock up. “I’m going to cum” I whisper, barely loud enough for you to hear it, and my pussy grabs your cock, squeezing it, as I shake from orgasm.

You pull me off of you and I fall to the floor, my legs weak. I am sitting on the floor right in front of you, your cock is dripping wet with my pussy juices is too much for me to resist and I stick your cock into my mouth. Taking it deep into my throat and then bringing the head up to my lips. My tongue licks every spot possible. You pull me up by my shoulders, again denying me the pleasure of sucking your cock. You direct me to the bed, forcing me to lay on my belly. You straddle me, sitting on my thighs. You squeeze my ass, then pull it up, giving you a good target to stick your cock in. You sit up and slowly stick your cock back into my hot wet pussy. You start to pump, your hips moving back and forth, your balls slapping my pussy lips. Your pace quickens. “Ah, yea, don’t stop, that feels so good,” I say, a little muffled as my face is stuck in the mattress. You continue to pump, your cock moving in and out of my wet pussy. I reach under and start to play with my clit. My other hand is grabbing onto the sheets, pulling them off the mattress as I try to contribute to the motion. Before long, my body starts to shake and I cum again.

I pull out from under you, turn around on my back and scoot back under you, this time lining up your cock with my face. You stick your hard, dripping wet cock into my mouth and start to fuck my face. My lips stroking your cock. My hand reaches up and joins my lips. Stroking your love monkey, taking you all the way into my mouth, you cock driving deep and coming back out with the tip of your head to my lips. You start to pick up the pace, your cock starts to bulge and squirts hot sweet cum down my throat. “Umm, oh yea,” you moan. You pull your cock out and flop down beside me on the bed. I lean over you and we kiss.

jd29992z 54M
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4/27/2006 10:11 am

That is a very good story!!!!! It had me hard the moment you talked about your red little number. I too write stories like that and I alway love reading other people's stories. At least I know I am not the only one with a wild imagination. Thanks for a good story now I must go lay dow and finish what you started!!!!!!!! See you JD

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