Im back!  

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8/10/2006 7:00 pm

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Im back!

I've been gone from blog-land for what seems like forever. It's been an extremely busy week after my long weekend excursion. The true test of how old you are is how quickly you can bounce back from a weekend of drinking. Well it's three days later and Im still feeling the effects from lack of sleep. I actually woke up the other morning to find some friends had moved in under my eyes and brought along some baggage! To be young again.....
Other than the trip nothing too exciting has been going on. It's been pretty quiet on the 'friend' front which part of me is ok with. Tonight has found me in one those retrospective moods where I try and figure out all the worlds(mostly mine) problems. I guess part of it could be that the weekend is coming up and I have absolutely no plans or the inclination to make any. Or maybe that the only thing remotely appealing is hiding under my duvet until Monday. Whatever it is, it's getting annoying.
The only update I have for you is that Im talking to someone new. He seems nice enough and I feel comfortable chatting with him. The only complaint would be the annoying way he replies to emails...damn it man, just type!!! But that aside he seems sweet and he helped me through my crazy stage last week lol. I guess my only curiosity is exactly what he looks like(picture isnt very good)and seeing what happens.
So that's it! Im sorry I've been away so long and I promise to be back soon


8/11/2006 7:51 am

Welcome back

Check out my profile sometime... Brampton isn't far at all...

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