Blast from the past  

curious_302 41F
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7/23/2006 5:58 am

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Blast from the past

Way wayyyy back when I first jumped on this site I started talking to, what I thought at the time, was an amazing guy. We exchanged emails for a while, talked on the phone for hours at a time and then finally decided to meet. The meeting didnt go as well as planned. Whether he wasnt exactly what I was looking for or I wasnt what he was looking for it was horrible. Looking back I came to the realization that he's someone who you'd file under shallow and move on.

Well recently this blast from the past starting winking and Im wondering why. What exactly would be there this time that wasnt there last time. What exactly does he think will come of it. Or maybe it's my tendency to over analyze that's driving me so batty with the why's.

So I havent winked back, even though a small (minuscule) part of me wants to. Can I forget the goinz on of that horrid first meet? Nope. Am I curious (as always) to find out what's up? Ya.

So what to do? Leave it alone and walk on by or wink back and see what happens?

ZZ_Todd 59M

7/23/2006 9:53 am

Leave it alone... sounds like he's having trouble making connections and assumes that just because you've already met him, he'll have better odds. First impressions are lasting impressions...

curious_302 replies on 7/23/2006 10:08 am:
That's along the same lines I was thinking...and Im sooo not into sloppy seconds lol thanks zz

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