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1/15/2006 7:29 pm

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the days thoughts

I had a dream last night. It seemed like it was developing into sex a dream. But in my dream, there was someone else in the room who needed sleep, and asked us not to have sex. This actually stopped us. Damn. Talk about a bad omen. If you can't get laid in your dreams, where can you get laid? (The odd part is, someone else in the room has never stopped me in real life).

Driving is so much easier with two hands.

Thank god cold weather is back. (Yes I'm being serious). I'm a cold weather person. I hated last week's weather. It's fine in April, but in January I can't tolerate it. I sleep with the window open just about year round. At night i want a frigid room and lots of covers. Also now that I'm healed, I'm letting my cat sleep with me again.

For you sports fans out there, could you tell there was a full moon this weekend? Seattle won a playoff game, the Pats had 5 turnovers, Pittsburgh won by throwing the football, and the Carolina v. Chicago game was a shootout.

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