fading away  

curious311241 34M
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5/4/2006 8:39 pm

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5/5/2006 10:56 pm

fading away

So I'm sure as you can all tell, I've been posting a little less than regularly, at least here. I've actually been fairly prolific on my other blog, but slowly AdultFriendFinder seems to be losing its usefulness to me. I started a new blog elsewhere, and I can no longer browse blogs by location which I find very annoying. I don't think I will completely abandon AdultFriendFinder, as there are a few blogs I have marked that I like to keep on, but my actual participation here I think will start to become somewhat minimal.

This was a good week for me in the city, and this outlet I think/hope will no longer be something I feel the need to check every day.

I will still keep this blog because I try to make my other blog open to everyone I know personally, and there are a few things that you just can't say publicly, but you still need to get out.

...on a different note, I really wish I could change my handle on this site. There are too many guys that think I'm "that type" of curious.

mangomamiCT 41F

5/4/2006 9:18 pm

Yes and you have been missed .
Yeah WTF with the no locations thing ???
Well I will miss you .
I am going to be setting up shop in your neck of the woods soon , so it will be easier for me to stalk you .....(I cannot believe office rental prices in NY , amazing)

I thought you were that kind of curious when I first read you .....LOL

NSAAddict 42F

5/5/2006 2:53 pm

sorry about the handle problems, you should change your one liner or something, amybe that will help I've noticed you're absence and will miss your presence, but understand co,pletely, we all won't be here forever! Just keep us posted everyonce in a while on life in the big city, and I don't care if you've moved, you're still on the meet & greet list! We've yet to witness your karaoke skills

curious311241 34M
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5/5/2006 10:56 pm

Both: Thanks you too, it's good to know I'm still loved Sorry for not leaving many comments, but by the time I usually get around to reading your posts there are like 15 comments and I have nothing useful to contribute to the conversation.

Mango. Have fun with those rental prices. There is a reason I live over 100 blocks from where I actually work. But I like stalkers, especially sexy ones, so stalk away!

NSA: Good. I'm always up for karaoke. But that's just because I like to show off

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