Well, This is my 100th post, so you all know what that means.  

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4/22/2006 11:19 am

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Well, This is my 100th post, so you all know what that means.

Here we go!

1. If you ask me a direct question about myself, I will almost always answer it.
2. I abhor telling anyone anything about myself if they don’t ask me a specific question.
3. Prior to last year, I had never broken a bone.
4. I broke someone’s collarbone when I played JV hockey in high school, so I guess karma finally caught up to me.
5. All through college I thought karaoke was completely lame.
6. Now I love it.
7. In high school, my goal was to lose my virginity before I was 16.
8. I was finally successful in the second semester of my freshman year of college, when I was about 2 months shy of my 19th birthday.
9. I worked at Victoria’s Secret for a month as a stock boy.
10. I am a very independent person.
11. That probably has a lot do with why I’m single, and why I usually try to keep myself that way.
12. I am doing absolutely nothing with my college degree in my current job.
13. For the moment, I’m ok with that.
14. I hate getting emotionally close to people
15. I like having a large group of friends so there is always someone I can hang out with.
16. I probably drink a little bit more than I should.
17. I have been to 12 countries (not including the US)
18. I have never been to the following states: New Hampshire, Delaware, North Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Idaho, Alaska, and Hawaii.
19. I love to drive.
20. However, I do not miss having a car now that I live in the city.
21. I think organized religion is obsolete.
22. I suffer under the delusion that I am an athlete.
23. I hate talking on the phone.
24. At the moment, I am working out regularly.
25. My dad did everything within his power to raise me as a Yankees fan.
26. I’m a huge Red Sox fan.
27. I feel that by going to a Catholic college where people actually legitimately followed the religion, I missed out on a lot of the sexual opportunities other people get in college.
28. Given the choice, I’d probably still go there knowing what I know now.
29. I choose my battles very carefully.
30. I am not a very detail oriented person.
31. I have the artistic skills of a 4 year old.
32. I have the handwriting of a 2nd grader.
33. I love wearing sunglasses, and try to have the right color for the right weather.
34. At the moment, I only own blue sunglasses.
35. In many ways, I am a feminist.
36. I still think misogynist, racist, and other derogatory jokes are hilarious.
37. I am a very patient individual.
38. I have only been in love once.
39. The longest relationship of my life is only about 3 months.
40. I have hierarchy of the physical features I am most attracted to (hair, eyes, etc.)
41. Rarely does it ever factor in when I’m deciding who I date/hook up with.
42. I am not a politically correct individual.
43. I enjoy offending people.
44. I am the last person on the face of the earth you ever want to go to for sympathy.
45. I’ve smoked pot 3 times.
46. I only got high the first time.
47. I try to limit my vices to alcohol and women.
48. I love to travel.
49. I am at a point where I would only get into a relationship if I thought it had a chance of lasting a long time.
50. At this point, I also think it would be highly impractical for me to get into a relationship.
51. If I died tomorrow, I think I would be content with my life.
52. I have never met anyone famous.
53. I relish the opportunity to experience new things.
54. The aforementioned hatred of talking about myself is kicking in right now.
55. In high school, I had very bad acne.
56. Because of kickass medication, you can’t tell now.
57. I have kissed another male, and let him give me head.
58. I now know for sure that guys don’t do it for me.
59. I love being naked.
60. I feel naked if I don’t have a watch on.
61. I tend to be very thrifty.
62. Everyone once in a while I will splurge on something.
63. I wish I were still a college student.
64. I am a night owl.
65. I have a tendency to be a little arrogant.
66. I love to talk smack.
67. I think love is going to be the number one keyword in my blog by the end of this post
68. If I’m not making 6 figures by the time I’m 30, I will be very disappointed with myself.
69. In case you couldn’t tell from the previous statement, I am very career driven.
70. Several of the people I’ve met in the city think I’m a college student.
71. I don’t think this is a bad thing.
72. I hate getting dressed up.
73. I own my own tuxedo.
74. I’m a huge sports fan.
75. I’m also quite passionate about music.
76. I’m a rock kid at heart.
77. I haven’t hooked up with anyone yet this year.
78. I have a guitar, but rarely play it.
79. I love to sing.
80. I can’t run for fun.
81. If I’m playing lacrosse or soccer, I can run all day.
82. I think there needs to be a Kleenex box in every room of one’s house/apartment.
83. I have a similar feeling on clocks.
84. I wish a read more.
85. I have started to take steps to correct this.
86. I’m completely full of shit.
87. Yet I try to be as honest as possible.
88. Now that I’m this far into this, I’ve discovered I have a difficult time coming up with two thoughts in a row that aren’t related to each other.
89. While not fluent, I know enough French to get by should I go visit France again.
90. I rarely snack.
91. Politically, I tend to be conservative.
92. I’m pretty liberal about almost anything else.
93. I think head is absolutely necessary before sex.
94. I am a firm believer that all favors should be returned.
95. I think at heart, I’m really a romantic.
96. I will always try to act like a tough guy.
97. I am a horrible enabler.
98. I’d rather have the windows open than have the AC on.
99. I am a cold weather person.
100. I’m really glad this is only done for the 100th post.

CT bloggers, have fun at the M&G tonight!

NSAAddict 42F

4/22/2006 11:28 pm

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 100TH!!! We really missed you tonight, especially at karaoke but Doc & WildWon held down the fort for ya Great list of some very interesting things, here's to 100 more... Cheers!

pragmaticCTcpl 61M/50F

4/24/2006 4:55 pm

Congrats on 100!!!!

I enjoyed numbers 9...76...82...86...93...and 94.

mangomamiCT 41F

4/24/2006 10:40 pm

well done

demonicsexkitten 41F
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5/20/2006 2:41 pm

congrats on 100th post well... waaaaaaaaaaay late. but still.... i only just now found your blog.

i also feel naked without a watch. and rings. but i'm also a nudist.

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