Doing my homework: a report from Venus  

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12/27/2005 9:48 pm

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Doing my homework: a report from Venus

I hope you all had a good Christmas or Hanuka. I'd be surprised that it rained for Christmas, but it snowed for thanksgiving, so I could have told you a month ago it was going to rain over the weekend. Anyway, its time to post the initial results of my experimental "female" profile.

Quick stats over 6 days: 65 winks, 77 e-mails, 23 friend invites.

I'm going to focus on winks and e-mails more because most of the friend invites were effectively e-mail repeats.

Roughly 60% of those writing or winking had a picture of any kind. I find this to be rather surprising given the disproportionate number of males to females. I would tend to think that for the sake of cutting down the e-mail it would be almost automatic skip messages that don't have a picture.

Of those sending pictures only about a third had the ever popular penis picture. Given the complaints of the women on this site of how much they hate this, I kind of expected this number to be a little higher, but perhaps it is more of a testament to how really unattractive male genitalia is, in that no matter how little it is seen, it is still too much.

12 of my winks came from couples, while only 7 e-mails came from couples.

Most people sending winks/e-mails were from a reasonable distance away, with the furthest being a a couple from Bristol, PA.

Now as far as e-mailing goes, the actual text that was sent, was generally pretty sad. A few individuals tried the erotic story type e-mail of the things they would do to my, uh, "experiment." An interesting strategy. Not altogether bad, but it seems like it would only be effective for someone looking for sex that very moment. And this character that I created really wasn't. All told, I think if my experiment was real, she would consider responding to maybe 6 of the e-mails that were sent (8% ).

Another interesting strategy was the "I'm writing again" e-mail. It seemed like a guilt trip strategy, but that is highly ineffective when the e-mail is written on the day the profile is created.

I was also fan of the guy who wrote "I'm Joe" and sent his picture. Thanks, that was real convincing.

Now, I probably didn't need to do this to figure this out, but from my perspective the only shot any male has of receiving a response from a female, is by reading their profile, and then writing a logical paragraph or two explaining why they should talk further. This paragraph also must contain correct spelling and grammar. (There were several "professionals" that really seemed to need help on that point). I would say after this there would be a about a 50/50 chance of getting a positive response.

Also if I ever get thought of winking at someone, it would be nice if someone smacked me upside the head and said "hey dumbass, winking does NOTHING".

That's my initial report, we'll see if anything interesting happens to that account within the next several days. Also, if anyone is curious as to what is in the profile for this, uh, "lady" or any other opinions or what I have from this research let me know and I'll post it.

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12/29/2005 8:00 pm

I wanna know !!!!!!!

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