Belated post on my weekend etc.  

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11/16/2005 9:04 pm

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Belated post on my weekend etc.

Had a great weekend. I would have posted something sooner, but I got sick Monday and I've been recovering since then anyway.

Went out and did some karaoke Fri. night with a friend of mine. Ended up sleeping with her. It's good to know people who like casual sex. I'm actually quite surprised she slept with me considering the previous 2 times we did it I had the 2 worst sexual experience of my life. (Lets just say "I was bad", would have been an optimistic review). Things went much better this time. Out of those previous two times, I was actually wondering if I had lost all sexual ability, which I thankfully disproved a month or so later. This actually gave way to my theory that I can only have good sex with people I'm legitimately attracted to (a friend of mine described her as "homely" and yes I have absurdly high attractiveness standards). (This may get its own post someday). Anyway, the sex wasn't great Friday night, but it wasn't bad either, so I guess the theory is still running. Either way, it was good to get laid (it had been a few months).

Anyway, went out with my friend again Sat. night to a party that wasn't up to snuff, so we left shortly after arriving and watched "Ray" at her place (pretty good movie by the way). Went home after the movie and caught up on sleep (loved sleeping until 1 in the afternoon).

Anyway, got sick on Monday and so I haven't felt well enough and had the time to sit down and type until today. Speaking of which, I was supposed to meet with someone at work about the position in New York on Monday which I had to bail on because I felt that puking in the privacy of my bathroom at home would be better than the office. Of course the guy e-mailed me back 10 minutes after I had shutdown my computer and left for the day Monday, and there was no way in hell I was checking e-mail from home on Monday, so I now look like the jackass, and the dude hasn't responded to either of the e-mails I sent yesterday. Grrr.....

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