My friends are wonderful!  

curious082385 31F
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8/23/2006 4:08 am

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8/25/2006 3:35 am

My friends are wonderful!

...Happy Birthday blog posts... phone calls...

...IM's, e-mails and texts...

...several beautiful flower arrangements...

...chocolates, balloons and bears... calls all day just to say Happy Birthday...

It may have seemed like no big deal to each of you...just a few seconds to write that text or order those flowers...but on this end, being the recipient of all those "few seconds" was wonderful. Thank you's to all who left comments and most especially to:


Seriously_Real 48M

8/23/2006 5:38 am

Hope your day was special. Hell, I hope the rest of your life is. So there. Nyah.


curious082385 replies on 8/25/2006 3:29 am:
lol...thank you!

elysianpleasure 47M

8/23/2006 5:53 am

I am glad some of these folks got it right The rest of us still send you warm wishes and hugs.... 21?

Wow... now you can have your first sip of alcohol. I am sure you haven't done that before.

curious082385 replies on 8/25/2006 3:30 am:
Me? Drink alcohol? Nope!

tootsiedippin 53M/52F
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8/23/2006 9:17 am

Hope you had fun...

T & D

curious082385 replies on 8/25/2006 3:30 am:
I did and my whole house smells beautifully of flowers!

rm_1hotwahine 62F
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8/23/2006 9:56 am

    Quoting sexydisaster30:
    you are the best! I hope that your day was happy!
I agree with the woman in the wet T Shirt! You da best.

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

curious082385 replies on 8/25/2006 3:31 am:
Awww...I love you two!!

jd29992z 54M
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8/23/2006 1:22 pm

Happy B-dy sorry I missed it hope you have many returns JD

curious082385 replies on 8/25/2006 3:31 am:
No sorries needed...thanks for the birthday wishes!!

rm_AnOddGirl 57F
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8/23/2006 4:03 pm

OMG I missed it, too busy with that dayum City of Heroes... Hey your legal now, in all 50 states!!!

HnK's for ya...

curious082385 replies on 8/25/2006 3:32 am:
*rubs hands together and grins wickedly*
Think of all the trouble I can get myself into now....

How are you guys doing the picture in the comment thingy???

frangipanigal 44F
10406 posts
8/23/2006 4:43 pm

You deserved all the well wishes!!

Frangi x

curious082385 replies on 8/25/2006 3:33 am:
Thank you so much for cheering me up that night too!!


8/24/2006 5:13 am

Happy Birthday Curious!!!

hope it was a great day for you and just think,
now you can try alcohol if you want!!!

Best wishes on your big 21 !!!!!



curious082385 replies on 8/25/2006 3:33 am:
Yep...look out I come!!!!

elbman 41M  
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8/24/2006 8:13 pm

Can you thank me away from Napolean's arse?

curious082385 replies on 8/25/2006 3:35 am:

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