Lights In The Darkness  

curious082385 31F
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12/7/2005 4:54 am

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10/18/2006 3:30 am

Lights In The Darkness

I have thanked these people privately and have posted things that hinted at how wonderful they were, but never revealed their identity. But there are a few of you who have done so much for me in the past months and who I wanted to say a public thank you to.

saintlianna Saintlianna - So glad that I got the chance to know you and truly honored to call you my friend. Your honesty, understanding and support have been such a blessing and a comfort. Our similar viewpoints and experiences have made you the perfect person to advise and help me. Forever grateful to you for everything.

Efilnikufecin69 Efil - No matter how bad my day has been, you never fail to make me laugh. You are one of those precious people whose friendship can truly be relied on to never waver, no matter what I reveal or confide. You know the details of the last few years and understand why that is such a gift. One that I could never thank you enough for or ever hope to repay.

dasher121 Dasher - My guess is that he's going to be a little bit shocked to see himself up here, since his entry into my life is so recent. (haha, tell me if I'm right) We think along the same lines, finish each others thoughts and understand each other in a way that is almost creepy considering how short a time we've been talking. But finding someone who understands your random ramblings is refreshing and wonderful. He has made me think about things in a different light and helped with more than he realizes.

PrincessKarma Princess - So glad that life is looking up for her and honored that she would put me up on her 100th post as a "snuggly hug"-worthy person. Protective, sweet and hilariously funny she is the kind of person anyone should love to have as a friend.

Nightstalker172 Nightstalker - Another one of the few here who truly understand and accept darkness. No matter how bitter or dark my mood, I can always count on him to support me in it, never to condemn. Not sure if he realizes how deeply that touches me.

KC_JJgizbourneManinMcK HedonisticGuy69 For taking my original thoughts, musings and ramblings and asking questions that take them to a higher level. I can always count on their responses to make me think.

Jim - For unwavering support from the very beginning.

I love you all....thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm picking up the pieces and healing. These wings grow stronger every day. And I know that this is due in large part to all of you and the support that I have received here.

Efilnikufecin69 47M

12/7/2005 6:21 am

MzZ: Thank you for the shout-out sweety. But I must also confess that since I "discovered" you way back when, you have managed to bring a fresh ray of light into my dark and bitter world. You have supported saintlianna and myself through our good and bad times. Your wisdom is way beyond your years. It is always a joy to talk to you and to listen to what you have to say. You to, have helped me along the path of thinking before doing, and saying what I want to instead of procrastinating and dragging things out. You are a true treasure and I am honored to have you as a friend. No need to thank me or repay me. Your friendship already has done that for you!

PrincessKarma 43F
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12/7/2005 6:33 am

*hugs curious and kises her forehead* Thank you, my precious child... that we're still speaking after that last little spat is a testament to your loving and understanding nature.

Umm... need superglue for those dropped pieces of you? It's only good for making your fingers stick to themselves anyway...

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

dasher121 36M

12/7/2005 7:26 am

Wow, humbled and honored. Thank you miss curious.

ManinMcK 50M
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12/7/2005 8:19 am

Thank you Curious, you seem to see into the heart of matters that others just ignore or don't even realize are there. The very least I can do is to submitt my mental meanderings to your beautifully thoughtful prose. Thank You for sharing your words and feelings with me.

nightstalker172 36M
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12/7/2005 8:24 am you made me blush You seem to get me better than most too...

rm_saintlianna 45F
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12/8/2005 12:51 am

You are so sweet, how could I NOT love you, you are just one of those people that you just have to love, cause they are so damn cute.


12/9/2005 1:50 am

Hey Curious!

I appreciate my picture appearing there and the things said concerning it but I'm a little baffled as to why it appears that the name ManinMcK appears as if it might be mine.

Or maybe there's 4 guys there, the first two get their pictures shown and the next two get linked names?

I'm not mad or anything just a slight bit confused. But hey, that's par for the course for me.

Thanks for including me in any shape or form though! That is as long as I don't make anyones list as far being a major force in their feeling dejected and depressed.

Like I've recently said I do know that where it counts "It's all good!"



curious082385 31F
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12/9/2005 3:10 am

KC - yep, you were's four of you listed...the other two don't have profile pictures so it just lists their names

HedonisticGuy69 46M
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12/14/2005 6:49 am

Ahem, *blush*, *sheepishly clears throat*
For someone who has all that darkness within, you certainly shed and spread a lot of light without.
Your burgeoning fan club is a testament to this
I can't in all honesty accept the praise, but do welcome the thoughtfulness sent our way
I have no doubt, that I have gained as much and likely more from visiting your blog and our exchange
The more you share, greater is the depth and dimension of who you are pops into my mind

HedonisticGuy69 46M
90 posts
12/14/2005 6:51 am

Ooops meant to put not guess I ought to get some shut eye.

curious082385 31F
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12/16/2005 3:43 am

Princess - thank you, but me and super glue is a bad idea! I get distracted and start sticking random things together!

curious082385 31F
4925 posts
12/16/2005 3:44 am

Dasher - No words needed, remember?

curious082385 31F
4925 posts
12/16/2005 3:47 am

Manin - I happen to throughly enjoy your "mental meanderings"! Sharing so deeply of words and feelings is always a risk, even here with the cloak of anonymity. Thank you for making that risk a little less scary.

curious082385 31F
4925 posts
12/16/2005 3:50 am

Night - Well, you made me blush with your shout-out...only fair that I return the favor!

curious082385 31F
4925 posts
12/16/2005 3:51 am

Saintli - awww...blushing now!

Hedonistic - That was beautiful and truly touched me. No words but a simple Thank You.

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