Needing a Teacher, or a Hero?  

curiosityslayer 58F
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11/1/2005 6:18 pm

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8/2/2007 9:39 pm

Needing a Teacher, or a Hero?

When I tour, I am in the entertainment business, I get approached often by "young" and I mean 18 - 25 year old women. Now I'm not saying just winked at or blown a kiss, I mean full on, get down, comming up to me, whispering in my ear, "Let's go to your room!!!". I am taken aback for a moment, well, just a moment, cause this is soo hot and sooo suprising to me.
I don't mention in my act that I am bisexual, nor am I a stripper, or anything that would lead these young ladies to believe that I would eat pussy. But I rather think they need a Hero, maybe? I am a stand up comedian and I wonder if they think all stand up females, eat pussy? There is Rosie O'Donnel, Ellen, and quite a few more, but this is typecasting all female comedians. Some have never had a sexual experience with another woman, so I guess the laughter puts them at ease. Are they thinking "Geez, I bet she will Lick my snatch, I'll just ask"?
I know many male comedians and they have women everywhere. Why do women find them so adorable, I don't know, maybe laughter leads to intimacy, I know in my own relationship, my hubby is hilarious, but not in bed. If I was to make a joke while we were having sex, and I have, he gets so tickled, we can't complete the deed. Maybe you all have comments about this and I would love to hear them. I leave it up to you, my AdultFriendFinder companions, to enlighten and delight!!!

Ladyblue85 58F

11/1/2005 7:06 pm

Well Slayer.... can't help u on being approached by women.... but I love a guy with a sense of humor, even in bed. However I tend to have the bizarre off-beat sense of humor. If I happen to end up in bed with someone before they know that side of me.... it tends to relax them if they're nervous. And some are quite (pleasantly) surprised by some of the things I say. I thought the point of being in bed together is to have FUN!!!! Whats wrong with sex WITH a sense of humor?? lol Of course pointing at a body part and making a comment isn't funny. lol

curiosityslayer 58F

11/1/2005 11:18 pm

Well Miss Ladyblue, first off, nice rack!! I too, love a guy with a sense of humor! But I'm talking about some of the nasty lookin male comics out there! Now some are really affable and just good people, but then again, some are really unapproachable and have big egos and make fun of women, big time. Would you want to sleep with Jerry Lewis? What a dick, but in his day he was funny.
But I do think people are more at ease with someone with a sense of humor and then again, it may be that they like someone who is confident or self-assured? Don't know, but I do know that I dig all the young poonanny that ends up in my path!!!

Ladyblue85 58F

11/3/2005 11:07 pm

Yes Slayer,,,, i know what u mean about most of the male comedians being...... um, unattractive. I think its a combo of the humor, maybe the "celebrity" of doing someone well-known or on his way "up" in the public eye. Hey, maybe the power of the microphone is sexual in nature? lol

rm_narcissme 47F

11/11/2005 7:44 pm

Well hon, I for one had my first girl/girl sexual experience at age 14 with an older neighbor girl of 17. We played and touched and we eventually got to tasting... if you know what I mean. We repeated this experience quite a few times...when mom and dad were gone...during our summer sleep outs in the back yard...until she graduate and left high school and moved to another state. I was so sad when she moved. Well by then, I knew I would always be more comfortable with another woman. It's been that way all my life. Do I enjoys guys? Getting a nice pounding here and there.. now and then...YES, I do. But, I will always always remember the soft touch and the wonderful scent...and the feel of HER. She is still my HERO. I hope you sweetie will be the HERO they are searching for.

rm_Syngel 52M
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11/16/2005 11:18 am

My experience with women who trend towards female sexual intimacy is that they really look for validation from older women. I would take the solicitations you're describing as an indication that you have made a profound connection in their mind between You and Woman-I-Respect. I don't think you have to have indicated that you, yourself, trend towards female sexual intimacy in order that other women who do trend that way to be forward. Remember, the affability you've shown in your act will likely lower their natural defenses from being directly shunned. I'm guessing, (though I have only what you've written here to base this on) that you're more than kind in your rejection (if you do, which, also we don't really know from what you've said). I'd say we definitely know several things about your act: you're generally a positive person (which makes you approachable), you're funny (exciting your audience), and you're meaningful and heartfelt (garnering respect and audience identification). By your response, it would appear your act is something worth seeing. If you're performing at some point you should add your schedule to your blog. As an aside - congrats on the positive feedback.

curiosityslayer 58F

11/16/2005 7:43 pm

My dear Syngel, I am a hardy bisexual and have been one for over 30 years, but my friend, if the women you date, have half a mind, they would totally be overcome by your "word candy". That is my way of saying "Damn it Boy!" "You sure do talk purty!"
Truth of the matter is, I think what we lack in childhood, and there are things that every soul needs, come out in our sexual prowness, as adults. I was a Psyche Nurse for about 10 years and am now a practicing "tag team" gynocologist... lol Ah! Now I reveal to you what every human need is :
1. Physical affection
2. Intellectual Stimulation
3. Emotional nuturing
4. Spiritual guidance
How's that for a trailer trash commanche??? I am also the mother of 6 girls and I must say women are truly evil. Drama is the cry for attention! These young women that are approaching me know from my act that I don't accept excuses from anyone for poor behavior and that I don't tolerate Any Bullshit from anyone. I am actually very nasty to some of these poor kids, while onstage! I do like to use a cordless "mike" and go to my audience and usually a spotlight follows.
Maybe that is the approach that turns them on, I do not talk "down" to them, but rather "to" them. So I am not an authority figure, but a compadre of sorts. But I walk up to some of these little girls and ask how their doing, chitty chat shit, (and this is part of my act) and wait for them to open up about their boyfriend, or college chums, and as soon as they say something stupid, I am on them...example:
Me: You look like you had a bummer day, did you do your hair with a blender? (audience laugh) What is that color? Hmmmm? Meth all gone, Twiggy? Did Kate Moss take all your Crank? (audience laugh)

Girl: I have cramps, and I just broke up with my boyfriend.

Me: Cramps?!!!!! Bitch, you ain't even blown the cellophane off your tubes yet?!! (Big audience laugh) Were you being a skanky little slut, is that why he left?

See!!! But after a show, I hang out with my crowd usually and have fun and they see I am not a real life "bitch".
So, in jest, I pose this question, should we talk to our kids like this while they are growing up to make them healthy, well adjusted adults, or keep on putting them in "time out" and treating them all protected from this harsh, cruel world? I pose this question to you my fellow purveyors of filth!

sallyb33 51F
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11/21/2005 7:00 am

Oh a breath of intelligent fresh air!
Laughter is the natural form of a relaxant. It lets our bodies relax, our mind open. It probably will be found to be the cure for cancer in approximately 40 years.
So many issues have been touched on, for example revoltionizing cross generation culture communications. Young women today are more sexually aware then my generation. It was taboo to think about having sex with another girl when I grew up. Today's generation are so much more open to that kind of exploration. I have a teenage daughter and see a little of their openness.
I am sure also in a way you might have a following that you are not aware of perhaps? Your open psycie draws in certain people unconsciously.
At times of clarity and strength just open your arms and let happen what will. You seem to enjoy being a teacher and have embraced life with zest!
Keep writing!

do_us_together 49M/46F
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12/5/2005 8:44 am

would like my wife to learn, are you willing????

curiosityslayer 58F

12/5/2005 3:43 pm

    Quoting do_us_together:
    would like my wife to learn, are you willing????
we will have to see what she needs to learn, maybe sir, it is you, that needs the lesson. I believe the lady can speak for herself

curiosityslayer 58F

12/7/2005 8:50 am

I love hearing all the comments or shall I say reading them...what an intelligent bunch of sexual deviants, a lot of you are so smart, so if we are so smart, what are we doing on this website???

rm_Balto_stud 50F

12/18/2005 11:38 pm

I must say that if a woman is curious and she feel the need to try new things than why not help her to explore these things because in my eyes I love to spend my time with a beautiful and Damn sexy woman.Its like I get real high when I know a sexy woman wants me to do certain things to her and I must really admit I really love eatting a womans pussy.

sallyb33 51F
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12/19/2005 7:27 am

A good question: Why are we on this site? Because we don't fit in anywhere else? Our society is so puritanical in it's structure but yet so very hypocritical. We are sexual creatures but yet it is frowned upon to act on that sexuality. We are supposed to control thoughts and actions and resist the urges. I believe that is why our world is so messed up. If you stuff something down inside yourself and forbid it's existence then you are denying who you really are.
I'm now stepping away from the keyboard.... social discussions this early in the day can't be good for you. lol

curiosityslayer 58F

12/19/2005 4:31 pm

Welcome to a brave new world!!! Isn't this awesome, we are already having sex via computer, and men can now get a hard on with a pill! What is next?? Perhaps we will soon have a kit that makes our "dream lover"? "NEW from Whammo! The people who brought you the frisbee, now brings you ORGASM IN A CAN" Fine print would read "For external use only". LoL I love you all posting on here!
It is so true that we can't meet sex partners the "old fashioned way" we are all into cyber space...not like it was in the olden days, in a bar, do we really think this is faster and easier? Is there no more time for the pursuit?

beckyluv_and_hub 59M/55F  
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1/25/2006 6:51 am

What an interesting read! Love to catch your act sometime. (Is that ambiguous enough? heh)

curiosityslayer 58F

1/27/2006 5:08 pm

You can catch part of my "act" on a cd that's out called ROAD TRIP by laughing hyena. It is at most truck stops or you can visit their site and request it. Volume #94. I am the first one listed...Thanks Beckyluv. Also I am at most biker functions that count and available for weddings, bar/bah mitvas,commmitments to state facilities, and of course all titty bars that need an MC. Love to all..slayer

rm_cat64504 63F
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12/23/2006 3:35 pm

Hi, there. Sounds enticing. Actually I am an "older woman" does 53 fit who is discovering within herself the indications are she has been on the wrong track for a long time. Okay, is ardently toying within herself that what she ( may most totally be longing for in all the ups and downs is the cuddle, feel, smell and play of another lady.
In all honesty I am a really neat caring person, who care more for the other than herself. I am also a lady who has eaten too much (foodwise) in her time. Am trying to nurture and work the healthy balance in my life. Which is how my inner search, contemplation and journaling has led her here.
I want to be taught, to be loved by a woman and as one shy and inexperienced I am taking the first steps. My gut and heart tell me this is the right path. Sorry, if I have come off sounding baby and pathetic, but I am not even sure how to begin with training wheels.
Thanks and a hug.

log55 59M
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5/7/2007 10:41 pm

Wonder if the laugh hormones are related to the "damn your HOT" hormones Sex without laughs?....Boring

carebear2play 49F

6/14/2007 5:58 pm

Wow, Seriously I wish you would post were your act can be seen. May I say i would love to see it. And my boyfriend I would love him to see it too. Yes I agree 100% you can't meet people for sex the old way. i live in a small small town here in Illinois. Half the people in the local bars you already know who they slept with or they are related to you. Well thank god for the cyber world. Hell I met the man I am engaged too on here. We got into a conversation about role playing and well. I hit the jackpot! I found a man who is all that. You think you get a lot coming up to you? He is a musician he plays the harmonica professionally. Yes ladies let me tell you if they can play a harmonica they can do a number on your pussy to. Between his daily tongue exercises and his ability to suck and blow at the same time. Well.... but seriously I have been reading all you write mam and I am very interested in meeting you!

rm_bicuriousm52 65M
5 posts
6/22/2007 5:14 am

well for 1 i would love to just eat your pussy and maybe fuck and go home ( but i would be back ----hmmmmmm let me know

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