apologies and my market crush  

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11/13/2005 4:08 am

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apologies and my market crush

I must admit that I did not consider the potential impact of my last post. I thought that giving a bit of insight to my sarcastic side of why I am, or am not, receiving comments; that I would possibly receive more. I was wrong on both accounts. Not only did I insult you in blogland but I also removed the importance of what I was hoping to accomplish; which was to get more comments streaming in. For all those who read this...I sincerely apologize. I will make sure that I keep my comments to a general topic and my criticisms to myself.


I have had a dash to my hopes..... I have found out that the lady working at the local farm market was straight...or atleast had a b/f. maybe I heard wrong but I am certain that all hope I have is now lost. So now and I not only deeply regertful for insulting blogland but the karma of my insult is that my crush is just that ...crushed. I will only ever wonder. What now I tell you. I will have to write about my exploits on halloween.

My great question for this time is:

What was the most daring or most prevocative thing you ever did or wore on halloween?? I will spend the next couple of days preparing my post. When it is ready I will let you all know. Til then I hope you let me know what you did on halloween...this year or years gone past. TTFN XOXO CAT

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