Who reads a profile?  

curioscatgirl 38F
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12/22/2005 10:59 am

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Who reads a profile?

I wonder actually who reads a profile. I have been visited a few times lately so I guess people do read them. Then my question should be ... Why do people ignore requests made in the profile?
Recently I received an invite from a beautiful couple from Halifax. The woman side of the relationship is HOT. Wow she so is just plain sexy cute. He is OK, I guess. It is totally me though. I can honestly say that daily, my attraction to the opposite sex is deminishing exponentially. So does this mean I turn my back on a really hot woman because I don't want to be with her man or do I hook up with them knowing full well I want my first time with a woman to be 1 on 1. I don't want to ask her to go alone with me, because it would be unfair to him. I don't know. What does blogland think? Please let me know.
It is coming on christmas and I kinda feel that I won't be cumming this season at all. It sucks to be where I am right personally/sexually at this time of year. It is christmas however and I know Santa will bring me something/some one in stockings to have under my tree. LOL TC TTFN XOXO Cat

rm_cumslut_ns 38F
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2/25/2006 12:06 pm

If you met a couple that is understanding and there are a lot out there... You should be able to find a couple that is willing to discuss 1 on 1 females only contact.. but you have to understand too.. A guy/husband would get a huge thrill just to watch the Hot action going on between 2 women. Most guys fantasize about this and never get to see it. Just think how Hot you could make the guy, by just having him watch his girl kissing you or getting off on your tongue. ... It's all goooood.
You might have to compromise your ideal first time idea to experience it. Nothing ever happens as planned. Have fun, relax and enjoy yourself.
XXOO cumslut

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