Where to begin?  

curioscatgirl 38F
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10/15/2005 1:54 am

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3/7/2006 11:55 pm

Where to begin?

Curiosity may not have killed the cat, but it sure can tease a pussy. I am talking about sexual curiosity ofcourse. What other kinds are there? Well many actually. Mine however are few and focused... focused on meeting the right someone in the right circumstance and being free with HER.
HER being emphasized. The question I have today in blogland is this:

Why , when my profile says "no men please, do I only seem to be getting interest from men?

I just don't understand. I'd love to hear from anyone..especially the guys on this one. My next question would be mostly for the women, but guys can answer too.

What is your favorite piece of lingerie that you've ever worn? (seen bought or wanted to buy)

I love lingerie and I feel it is what makes us sexy as women. The fact that we have such a variety of choices that we can make and only will let those very special people see what we want them to. Now that is sexy.
For me my favorite would have to be a matching bra and panty set that had garters that attached directly to the panty's. They are white with lace accents and the stockings are pure silk. I love all lingerie but I love stockings especially because they are so versatile and can stay on during sex too if you want.

I eagerly await a response from Blogland.
Til then TTFN Cat

captainzipper 44M

10/15/2005 5:01 am

To the curiouscatgirl ~~ I truely wish I understood the reasons why so many men who use this site seemingly do not know how to read. It's as though they see that you're a female, hormones kick in and they turn into the dreaded zombie-men drooling all over themselves while mumbling "must ... find ... sex".

For what it's worth, I'm a str8 male ( I just happen to be fascinated with different people's blogs rather than being here looking for sex just so you know ) .... but as it goes I get emails from the zombie-men on a sometimes daily basis, just as graphic as those I'm sure the women on this site recieve in droves. I even have as many filters set as possible to stop that kind of thing, but they seemingly don't help much if at all. I'd be interrested to see if one of the zombie-men would actually post their thoughts here as to why they have such little respect for women as to outright ignore what they say or want.

As for the second part of your question ... though not something worn personally , corsets have always been a favorite of mine

Good luck to you on your search ~ Take care

HungMtlMan 39M

10/15/2005 11:18 am


well the guys who contact you can partly be explained...actually it can totally be explained. One, the thought of a woman wanting another woman is so exciting that they would like to get in on it. They feel that if they're turned on by you wanting another woman, you should be...I can't explain it that far. However, for them contacting you, they simply don't think straight. I personally wouldn't waste my time with someone not interested in what I have to offer. Especially since there are so many other women here looking for what I've got! Just flush their messages and move on, you can't win them all!! Good luck in your search...

ps. It is pretty hot for a straight guy like me though!!!

curioscatgirl 38F

10/16/2005 5:58 pm

wonderful....a couple of guys with honesty....now what about you women. Let's hear what you have to say. Cat

schooner29 58M/46F

10/23/2005 3:44 pm

MEOW!!!! I am the woman in this couple and I am bi....and I know what I am feeling.........very warm!!

rm_bigmike297 57M

1/28/2006 1:19 pm

Dear Curious
I can feel partially what u are going through as i am bisexual myself and i als find it hard being from the valley area . My wife doesnt know I am bi and that makes it hard too.
Any way i sympathise with you and would like t help if I can, drop me a line and maybe we culd chat or whatever

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