It all began when....  

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2/13/2006 10:37 am

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It all began when....

I was much younger, in my early thirties and got a part time job in a porno theatre on the weekends. The manager Mike seemed like a prick but he hired me and I was trained by Bob - the projectionist. My job was to make sure no one got too crazy in the theatre or bathrooms and to basically patrol the theatre regulalrly. It had a loge, several bathrooms, a stage and was fairly large.

I wasn't there more than an hour and there was a good film playing as Bob showed me around, so we stopped to watch for a minute and Bob kept making comments about the oral stuff that was going on the screen. as we wlaked up the stairs, Bob promptly grabbed my package, as it was more or less poking out there anyway. I asked what he was doing and he said checking to see if I had a hard on. I was embarassed and then he took my hand and put it on his and it was big and hard.

Next thing I know, we are in the projection room and I am in a chair, naked, with Bob stnding next to me, trying to shove his cock in my mouth and rubbing it all over my face. I couldn't hide my excitement and then the door opens up and the manager walked in! Now I'm terrified, and he wlaked over and grabbed Bob's dick and made me put it in my mouth. It wasn't long before both of their hard dongs are in my face and I had to suck and lick one, then the other - hey he was my boss and I had no choice. Before long I had their cum allover my face, chest and lips. And only 6 more hours to work!

So I got dressed an did my job and later that night, I was called to the ticket booth by Mike and wound up being made to give him a blow-job while he sat in the ticket booth looking out onto the street - and even sold some tickets while I was bobbing! I thought sure I would get caught but I must admit, I have never been so excited.

Before the night was over, I was again naked in the projection room with Bob and the manager Mike, sitting me in the chair, tieing my hands to the arms and making me do all sorts of nasty things.

I hated myself, but the next day I was back at work and they took again took full advantage. I was their personal sex slave and did whatever they told me, scared but enjoying every moment. One time they made me leave the projection room completely naked and closed the door. I was in the lodge with a dozen horny guys staring at me. When they let me back in, a third guy who was friends with them and saw me in all my glory knocked on the door and I was so used - but boyu what a ride. I did whatever they told me - everything!

I just wanted to let you know this, because since leaving the theater, when it closed about three months later, I have never gone down that road again, but am always thinking about it. Now I would like to relive those days - so let me know who can help me out or if you want to hear some more of what they did to me.

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