try me  

cumprovider7 32M
4/17/2006 10:41 am
try me

as i guided her to the room in her birthday suit n blindfolded, nice dim lights wit slow jams playin on the track. my fingers began to explore her body, journey began on top of the mountain slowly down the neck of her woods. as i began to taste her honey combed pussy, i made sure i cleared out the comb, penetrated my tongue inside her warm wet juicy pussy while i stimulated her clit wit my hands. the transformation from a honey comb to a pool was quick but i still took my time wit it. as she driped she moaned while squeezin my head wit her thighs, i was sure i was ready to take a dip in her pool i quickly put on my trunks and made a professional dive. now how do you want to be handle?
nice n easy
jus fuck me

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