dec 3rd meet update 6....Merry Christmas To My Friend BB  

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12/5/2005 7:52 pm

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dec 3rd meet update 6....Merry Christmas To My Friend BB

If I known how many would actually show up, the room would have been bigger. As it was, I was focused on making sure my friend had the best time possible. And so the hottub, that you didn't want me spending money on... that was for my friend too, although I don't think the guys complained

I hope you had as much fun as those of us that spent part of our day with you had. I hope you understand, now.. that this greet was really intended as a gift for you. What you contribute to this group, daily -cannot be measured. It is immense. So, when you suggested a meet for the folks to the north and east, I jumped on
And hope it was everything you could have asked for. You needed to be the center of 'our' attention for a change.

You are an absolutely awesome young lady, I am proud to call my friend. You are the best of us.

Merry Christmas LL

P.s. Thanks to those of you who offered to pitch in and help defray room costs, but I really wanted to try and do this for her myself...hey next

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