am i ill?  

cummerguy2000 44M
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9/5/2006 9:33 pm
am i ill?

My wife is upstairs, probably tossing and turning 'cause she's horned up, and I'm down here jacking off to hot pics on the internet. I love the feel of her cunt as it gushes its sweet nectar, and her tits are massive and soft. So why is t that I feel the need to jack off to something I can never have, when everything I can have is alone in bed, hoping that I am feeling as horny as she is? We fucked like animals this morning, and I felt as though she wanted more - but a man can only give so much before the inevitable happens. We've both been thinking about another go-around all day. I thought I had kicked my internet habit when I cancelled both my yahoo and hotmail accounts.......but my cock says otherwise. What the fuck is wrong with me? Anyone got any ideas, share the same feelings, have suggestions as to what I can do to turn things around? Please let me know ASAP.

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